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15th Aug 2006, 11:11
Fenland council, like many I assume, are probably wondering why the habit of leaving unwanted items at the roadside is on the increase this year.
I can tell them why. My wife and myself are in the unfortunate position of having income such that we qualify for Council Tax Benefit. Two years ago we acquired another three piece suite. A call to the council had a couple of men round a few days later to remove the old one, and because we are on benefit, free of charge,.
Last week we had another one, free suites tend not to stand the ravages of 4 dogs too well, so this morning I called the council to ask about removing the old one.
"Certainly sir, that will be 20 for the first 2 items, and 10 for every item after", a total of 30, to do the job.The fact that we are on benefit seems not to matter, the rules have changed this year. Living as we do in the middle of nowhere, the only service we get for the amount of poll tax we do pay is the refuse removal. No lights, street cleaning, footpaths, buses.....
Anyway, I'll close now, I need to ring the council about some rubbish that has been dumped in the fen near us.....

tony draper
15th Aug 2006, 11:27
They still collect houshold items ie three piece suits old beds ect free of charge here, all it takes is a phone call ,plus if you have the transport you can take em to the council dump yourself, it does not stop the idle bastards just dumping them in the lanes though,couple of days ago there was a feckin big fiberglass garden fish pond dumped along the lane here.
I could perhaps understand this if there was a charge but there int.