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Desktop Pilot
14th Aug 2006, 13:03
I am wondering how you would fly this procedure with a B767 or B737.
1) Do you always have to hold at KTI (arriving at 13000 feet, descending to 11500 in the holding)? Or could you decend from 13000 to 11500 when you are near KTI, whitout holding?
2) After KTI there is a rather steep decsent to AB. What speed and configuration (flap, gear) would you be at before commencing the descent? Would you be more likely to use V/S, FL-CH or VNAV to controll the descent?
3) Reaching AB, what speed and configuration would you likely have? Would you usually disconnect the autopilot before starting the 180 turn towards the airport? If so, what bank angle will you use in the turn?
4) If no longer visual during/after the turn to final, what would you do?
Any awnsers to these questions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Mr Lexx
14th Aug 2006, 13:29
Say what? :ooh:

Desktop Pilot
14th Aug 2006, 13:49
I'm just another pathetic, though honest, flight simmer who would like some input from people who have real life experience flying this approach.
If the post is inappropriate or misplaced, please move or delete it.

Richard Taylor
14th Aug 2006, 13:58
Say what? :ooh:

14th Aug 2006, 14:23
Can somebody please give him the answer soon as he's really a real pilot and he arrives at LOWI in about 24 minutes....... :ok:

14th Aug 2006, 14:28
There'll be none o' that "aveeayshun" talk in here!! :rolleyes:

got banned
14th Aug 2006, 14:36
Welcome to PPRUNE desktop. Unfortunately you've posted right into the lions den, but I'm sure people will appreciate your honesty.

People do get a bit brassed off with flight sim questions, I think it's because they don't want the flood gates to open, and there are many alternative forum's out there on the web. You could try posting your question on the spectators bit.

Jet Blast is used for more burning issues, such as cider drinking and the effect of full moons on women.

Richard Taylor
14th Aug 2006, 14:45
Is he overhead LOWI yet? :cool:

14th Aug 2006, 14:50
"Cleared direct KTI to hold, maintain 13000, hold non-standard west inbound track 091, left turns in the hold. Expect further clearance......."


14th Aug 2006, 15:53
GO AROUND!!!:ok:

14th Aug 2006, 17:34
Positive rate....... (let's take him, post by post through the sequence!)

14th Aug 2006, 17:39
Gear up :E

14th Aug 2006, 17:47
"Departure, this is Desktop 1, climbing runway heading to 6 thousand passing 23 hundred"

14th Aug 2006, 18:02
Jerricho: Not a good idea ;) - runway heading, 6000 ft... nice mountain in your way- Try 9500 - and join RTT holding! :ok:

OK...fun's over... :{ so that not everyone is too mean to him - lets give him some clues... ;)

Rather than descending in the hold you can descent on your way (hdg 104) to intercept the VOR-Radial (068 OEJ) to 11500ft. You already want to be as slow as possible - get yourself configured (gear down, speedbrakes out, flaps down). Having the flaps out up there helps you with the steep descent - mind it - watch out if you have (severe) icing conditions - you might have to take them out later so you don't pick up to much ice...

Speeds - as slow as almost possible - you might pick up some on the descent. Also depending on your minimum. The heavier you are - the faster you have to fly - the higher your minium - remember - you are in a valley - and the empty space between the mountains narrows the further down you get... :eek: Turn radius as said depends on your altitude and your speed - the slower you are, the smaller your radius- the further down you can go. Disconnecting the AP as you are flying visual at the end is a good idea ;) - more control - some AP won't go over 25 bank. :rolleyes:

Have fun in your sim - and if you ever get the chance - try to do it in real live - it's great! :D

14th Aug 2006, 18:59
Terrain isn't something we really have to worry about out here in the prairies.

You can watch your dog run away from you................for 3 days.

14th Aug 2006, 20:06
I was at Innsbruck at 1653 this afternoon when a plane came but didn't land as it went to land but didnt as it carried on going and went around but I dont know if it came back. Was everybody saved?
Was the pilot very brave missing the local school and all that or was he showing off his huge watch?
Luv and kisses
Ann Reporter

14th Aug 2006, 21:24
Press the PAUSE button.
It works for me!

Check your PMs Desktop.

15th Aug 2006, 13:16
You can watch your dog run away from you................for 3 days.

Haha! Classic!

15th Aug 2006, 13:32
For our Flight Simmer - you have walked rght into the lions' den here, so I will eave them to have fun with you here and have copied your post to http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=239141