View Full Version : ider: it's not just for tramps anymore

14th Aug 2006, 12:53
I'm amazed at the number of different kinds of cider there are for sale now. Organinc ones, single orchard cuvees, hand made vintages.

It's a lot different from the cider of my youth and having to drink Woodpecker first so that Strongbow didn't taste soo bad when you got to it.

Looks like I'm going to have an intesting evening sampling the range I bought today :ok:

(hopefully it won't end in the normal way with a copper saying "Ok, get in the car sonny")

got banned
14th Aug 2006, 12:59
Nice pint of Magners on Ice, sat watching the sun set at Watergate Bay- yummy yummy:p

14th Aug 2006, 13:00
stay away from old rosie if you like your eyesight :ok: a million% volume or something rediculous like that.

Magners is the worst drink ive ever tasted, and strongbow sirrus is quite nice :)

14th Aug 2006, 13:01
sorry, magners is not the worst, a belgian beer called altitude 6 tops the list

got banned
14th Aug 2006, 13:03
what does it do to your eyes ?:eek:

14th Aug 2006, 13:13
Around where I work (Kings Cross), the 'in' cider in the shop doorways is something called (I believe), White Lightning. 2 litres in a plastic bottle for like 10 pence. Looking at the mess towards the end of the day, it has a phenominal vomit potential !!!

14th Aug 2006, 14:53
Ider though you would have checked your spelling first. :p

14th Aug 2006, 14:56
Ider though you would have checked your spelling first. :p

Ider thought you might have checked yours in the circumstances!

14th Aug 2006, 14:57
You know, you can cut the irony with a chainsaw there Frosty ;)

Buster Cherry
14th Aug 2006, 16:19

Ain`t that some kind of Duck?

15th Aug 2006, 15:14
I thought it was some sort of Opera! Hey ho!

15th Aug 2006, 16:04
The scary thing is, over here, Olde English is a brand of furniture polish

15th Aug 2006, 17:46
Same stuff, just clever upscale marketing... :}

15th Aug 2006, 18:04
White Lightning has been the choice of professional drinkers for quite some time.
Same stuff, just clever upscale marketing...
I was reliably informed (over dinner with a senior director of said company) that when 'Babycham' was first produced it was offered in large bottles and was a complete failure. In a desperate attempt to save the company from bankrupcy, some 'idiot' suggested putting it into tiny bottles and selling it as a 'girlie' drink. The rest, as they say, is (now) history.

15th Aug 2006, 18:18
There is something called a depth charge.
A pint of cider and a shot glass of drambuie/aftershock dropped into it.
It makes you very dizzy.
:yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:
Gives me shivers just thinking about it again.
A nice cup of tea, a cigar,
and enough gin to fill a bath:ok:
and someone to put me to bed who doesn't say 'Look how much gin you've drunk - that's not Sky movies, that's the shopping channel BED.. NOW'
'but i realllly want wanna one ah those shopping boards, they look really good.'
:zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
Wake up in the spare room.