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14th Aug 2006, 10:44
I posted yesterday to try and find some aviation information. Maybe I posted in the wrong place. It is at: http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=238892 Basically, in this time of heightened security alerts, two large bags flew Newark to Gatwick on Friday night unaccompanied by the passenger. This is a bags loaded, passenger no-show situation. I’m interested in what regulations, if any, govern this. I’d be very grateful if anyone can answer this query for me, or point me in the direction of the regulations. Please post to the original thread as above.

14th Aug 2006, 11:34
I was surprised to hear a news item on Sunday saying that some passengers had checked in baggage at LHR and that they had then got held up at security and the flight had gone with their luggage and without them. This seems to negate the existing rules re unaccomapined baggage and fly in the face of the stringent security measures now in place. As an aside - when a call is made asking 2 named passengers to rush to Gate?? where their flight is closing and their luggage will be offloaded if they don't get there, how long would it take to identify and off load 2 items of hold luggage?

14th Aug 2006, 12:18
This seems to negate the existing rules...And those rules or regs are?????

Deal or No deal
14th Aug 2006, 23:05
how long would it take to identify and off load 2 items of hold luggage?

Totally depends on a/c type and size of load!!

a 'loose' load is slightly easier than a 'containerised' load as you can rummage through straight away... Containerised.... If the bags were in the fist container on, then, of course, you have to offload the whole lot and then search for it / them..... Saying that... containerised, you know which one it's in!! Though any rampy worth his salt will know where the general location is on a loose load too.....

And then you have to reload!!

15th Aug 2006, 08:16
And those rules or regs are?????
SFAIK, unless an airline error has seperated luggage and its owner, in which case it is given specially stringent X ray treatment or opened for search and then flown on (discussed elsewhere on Pprune), the hold baggage of a no-show or non-boarding passenger should be located and off-loaded before the flight can proceed. I don't know if these are rules or regs or where they are laid down but it is what used to be applied.

15th Aug 2006, 08:20
Spork. Here is a thread which you started which discusses this matter at length and in which you discuss the fact the bags are on board without their owners!


15th Aug 2006, 20:08
Yes. Post #1 above covers that in detail. Not sure why you mention that in light of post #1, as that's what I've already stated...

16th Aug 2006, 00:31
Regulations are called AAA or "triple A". (Cant remember what it stands for now..its too late at night!)
Its a mandatory requirement by the DoT that ALL baggage is able to be traced to a passenger on board. For unaccompanied baggage (rush bags), an extra certificate is required to prove that extra security screening has taken place for these bags. The flight cannot legally depart without this certificate,

The baggage reconcilation form must be signed PRIOR to push back. This is a breakdown of how many bags are on board the aircraft, unaccompanied baggae, crew baggage and delivery at aircraft baggage.

Aircraft have been called back to stands to investigate possible irregularities.

16th Aug 2006, 09:17
AAA=Account (for) And Authorize (AFAIK :) )

16th Aug 2006, 11:53
Not too long ago I checked in with AA at MIA ( staff standby desk ) to go up to New York
After 3- 4hours it was apparent we had no chance of getting any seats so
decided to stay an extra couple of days in MIA
When we asked for our bags back , they had been shipped to La Guardia....

16th Aug 2006, 22:48
Well, thanks for the detailed information. I will post back on how this proceeds. Obviously these procedures have been in place for a long time, and of course this has now happened during “heightened security”. 10th March 2006, Marcus Arroyo, head of security at Newark was sacked - so whoever took over from him obviously cannot get it right either!