View Full Version : Heathrow Chaos

13th Aug 2006, 09:31
After years of working in the hallowed halls of T1 and having to observe the self important attitude of certain staff members of BAA. The ones suffering with EJS (extreme jobsworth syndrome). I'm sure you,ve met a few!! I cant help but get a certain sense of satisfaction, given the present situation with security, it would appear that they are not as good their jobs that they thought they were. It's amazing to see some of the staff struggling to contain themselves and re-discover their basic training in customer service. I am so happy that Willie Walsh has launced his understated tirade of dissatisfaction to the management of BAA. Now maybe some of these self important types will be brought to heel.

A bit rambling I know but I had to get it off my chest. :E

13th Aug 2006, 10:57
Seems the stranded passengers deserve a little more sympathy than that.

It might look funny if you're not affected but having just been through there, you can see a lot of misery.

Granted, it's a slumly airport and a hive of misery at the best of times but still, when it over-flows onto the road outside, it's time to stop laughing.