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tony draper
12th Aug 2006, 20:07
Anybody else watch this? a facinating documentry, but why does that chap have the irritating habit of staring moodily at camera so much,watched a previous documenty series of his,also very interesting but he did the same in that.

12th Aug 2006, 20:48
Anybody else watch this?

Was this the prog where it shows you a monkey scratching its balls?

12th Aug 2006, 21:27
Was this the prog where it shows you a monkey scratching its balls?

No that's the film of John Prescott!! :p

12th Aug 2006, 21:31
Now that's just unfair to the whole of monkey-kind!

Do you really think he could find his balls under all those fold of flab?

12th Aug 2006, 21:32
I saw it and although thought it was fascinating and intelligent; it pander too much to the dumbing-down brigade.

However, I quite like mean and moody!!



12th Aug 2006, 22:07
I sort of half watched it in between www'ing. I reckon the chimps will get the last laugh. Not much impressed with its adulation of us naked pink monkeys. Big brain? big deal!

Edit to correct - we aren't all pink of course......

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Aug 2006, 07:04
What makes us human?

Our inhumanity to those we consider beneath us, ie animals and other humans.

Rather be known as a Zillon from the planet Tharg, thanks....

tony draper
13th Aug 2006, 07:53
Apparently about five thousand years ago when we started farming and living in cities a new gene appeared that makes some of us much smarter than the rest, some of us have two copies of the new gene which is good, some of you have only the old genes and therefore thick buggas and some have one of each and are not quite as dumb as the thicko's , in a few thousand years time when you lot catch up with us peeps with the new genes and lose the old one,google will not be needed and our womanfolk will be able to park cars

Loose rivets
13th Aug 2006, 08:05
IF...they use left foot braking:}

13th Aug 2006, 08:22
For all our "humanity" and large brains, we're the only species that is capable of destroying the entire planet - and is presently doing just that. :*

13th Aug 2006, 09:06
"........est le propre de l'homme."

So hurry up laughing, our time is counted.

tony draper
13th Aug 2006, 10:22
The idea that a bunch of hairless talking monkeys could destroy the earth is laughable Mr Herb, it will still be here doing its thing long after we and all our works are naught but dust in the wind.

13th Aug 2006, 11:24
For all our "humanity" and large brains, we're the only species that is capable of destroying the entire planet - and is presently doing just that. :*What about locusts?

Or army ants? Or jinglies?

Krystal n chips
13th Aug 2006, 17:53
I would agree with Whirls comments about the prog overall---however, serious students of anthropology and brain size :confused: will be delighted to have noted the abundance of a research material source--both participatory and voyeuristic--that commences in earnest next week end ! :E

13th Aug 2006, 18:25
How smart are you.
Will you let me scoop out your brains?
You've failed, that is a fatal procedure, you're as thick as a bag of spanners.
Take this Allen key and stick it your ear and try and tighten yourself up a bit.. your EAR your EAR.

13th Aug 2006, 18:26
Mr Draper sir - atomic energy is very efficient at destroying life, when used in the wrong context - all that will be left is dust...........

13th Aug 2006, 18:36
I doubt even all out nuclear war between superpowers in the 60's would have rivalled the Permian extinction in effect. Nature is more powerful by far.

tony draper
13th Aug 2006, 18:46
Take all the nuclear warheads that exist on earth at this time, pile them up at one spot,light blue touch paper and retire,the energy releases would a fraction of the energy owned by a years crop of hurricans typoons storms ect,our energy releases are piddling compared to what old mommy nature can do.
Remember a .22 rimfire will kill you just as dead as a 120 kiloton nuke.

13th Aug 2006, 21:19
Yeah but a 120 kiloton nuke would be a lot more exciting.

13th Aug 2006, 21:33
Not if you were standing next to it!