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tony draper
11th Aug 2006, 21:19
Poor Voyager, right out there all alone in the cold and dark,been tootling out at a high rate of knotts for 34 years and reached 100 Astronomical Units mark and still just a tiny fraction of a light year away from home.


By the time he reaches Proxima centari's space our civilisation and all that in there dwelt will be wind blown dust.
Those of you who make airy statements such as "when we get to the stars" ponder the gulf that little critter has traversed and ponder the mind numbing gulf still to go just to get to the nearest neighbour,perhaps its a rule of nature that species are only allowed to **** up one solar system ,distance and time being the prohibition about doing it twice,just as well really.

Hmmm, one waxes philosophical
:uhoh: :rolleyes:

11th Aug 2006, 21:29
And people complain they are far from home on a layover! :D

11th Aug 2006, 21:29
I guess we can hope to see the heliopause being passed through? Has either done that yet?

tony draper
11th Aug 2006, 21:33
Please Mr Cheerio one was atempting to wax poetical not scientifical.:rolleyes:

11th Aug 2006, 21:36
BZZZZT .......DOES NOT COMPUTE.............



Where is everybody else anyway? Seti has worn out a few cheerio processors over the years....

11th Aug 2006, 22:31
Speaking of wax...

Each of the two Voyager spacecraft carries a "best of Earth" anodized gold LP record that includes dozens of languages, music of many cultures and the signature of the producer, Dr Carl Sagan, who was born in New York City.

"Why build one when you can build two for twice the price?" he wrote.

Good work, Carl. Thanks!

11th Aug 2006, 22:44
Do you think that 'extra-terrestrial aliens' will try and EAT the record? OTOH they may consider it to be a valuable token and build a currency on it's worth, lodging said record in their bank vault.
What other artifacts (that might have been included) are aliens likely to interpret as having a different function? Of course you have to imagine your 'alien' first.
I can easily imagine something like a jellyfish or a squid being the intelligent being in a 'fluid-environment' world. If we can't communicate with the deep-ocean creatures, what chance do we have with deep-space creatures?

tony draper
11th Aug 2006, 23:18
Hmmm, doubfull if yer squid critter could ever develop a technological civilisation no matter how smart he/she /it is,to even make a start one needs fire, and thats difficult if one lives in the ogan.
Communication over interstella distances is probably not possible or even worth bothering with either , ,even if we picked up a "we are here" signal,by the time our reply reached em, they would probably be long extinct.
Personelly one thinks we is stuck here folks.

11th Aug 2006, 23:47
But imagine if we did manage to perceive such a signal. Imagine that a race broadcast a repeating pattern, such as a series of consecutive prime numbers or a Fibonacci sequence in a specific frequency band ~ a band harmonic to, let's say, the frequency of the vibration of a hydrogen atom, the most common element in the universe. Such a thing would undoubtedly have been manufactured by a race of some intelligence and technological ability. And it's just the sort of thing radio telescopes such as the array at Aracibo are designed to find ~ the sort of thing SETI programs look for.

While we couldn't exchange messages with these folks, thousands of years of received dogma would be upended in an instant. And while the civilization that broadcast the message would likely be long gone by the time we decoded their message, we would for the very first time have proof that we're not alone in the cosmos. That's a big idea.

Five minutes later we'd get back to our daily bickering and complaining.

11th Aug 2006, 23:53
I think there would be several camps if such a message were received!

There would be the "god squad" who, tied religiously to their dogma, would deny that the signals existed.

Then there would be the "religious scientist" faction, who would take this as proof positive that there is someone out there, and that it is a message from god.

And then there will be the apathetic majority, who would just say "oh that's nice" and carry on their normal lives.

11th Aug 2006, 23:53
Most likely the place is teeming with jellyfish dinosaurs and so forth, but technological societies as ours are like a flash bulb going off in relative terms. An evolutionary dead end. Blink and you miss them. And the chances of two co-existing in the same timeframe and within a few light years are slim. I don't think its any surprise that there should be nothing but TV snow coming in from without. Homo Sapiens won't even leave a fossil record to record their passing, it will be over in 18 inches of claystone or so.
All the more reason to make the most of the unbelievable personal thing we have here today......Sentient life.

12th Aug 2006, 11:24
Checking out that map, Neptune and Pluto get pretty close to each other sometimes eh?

12th Aug 2006, 13:51
[From IWACS Intergalactic Warning And Control System] Automated message follows:

(For information only, no action required by recepients)

One or more humanoid-manufactured objects has been detected leaving the Project God solar system. As per standing orders, a death asteroid has been despatched to terminate the project forthwith.

(Message ends.)

So, how long have we got left d'ya think...and why did they kill off all the dinosaurs?! :uhoh: :confused:

13th Aug 2006, 06:39
So.....the intergalactic whatsits speak Latin as well do they Airship?

As per standing orders