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11th Aug 2006, 16:45
Hi guys,

I have just heard on the news that there has been an earthquake nr Mexico city and I was wondering if anyone had any information.

There were no details other than an earhtquake was felt. I have a friend over there on Honeymoon so any info appreciated



11th Aug 2006, 17:08
Sorry, I have not heard a thing, I will start checking.

Okay, here you go;

MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- An earthquake rocked central and western Mexico on Friday, forcing office workers and residents to evacuate large buildings in the capital but causing no major damage.

Panicked students fled out of a university library, fearing a repeat of a deadly 1985 quake that killed thousands.

"For the moment there are no reports of emergencies. Only panic attacks. It's minimal. No buildings fell," said a spokesman for Mexico City emergency services.

An official in the western state of Michoacan, where the quake -- measuring magnitude 5.9 -- was centered, also reported no major damage.

The U.S. National Earthquake Information Center said the quake was centered about 126 miles (204 kilometers) from Mexico City.

"It was very short, but it felt really strong," said 74-year-old Juana Ruiz in Mexico City's historic center, which was devastated by the massive earthquake 21 years ago.

"I was bringing my clothes in from the patio, and I thought it was my blood pressure until the neighbor from upstairs started shouting that it was an earthquake," she said.

Students at the capital's UNAM university, the biggest in Latin America, ran out of the library in panic.

"I went out as well. I didn't want to die in the library, squashed by books," said anthropology student Hector Parra.

So, it looks like a minor quake, not too much damage. I would imagine that your friends are okay.

11th Aug 2006, 17:11
Everything appears to be ok


11th Aug 2006, 17:54
This comes in handy from time to time:


11th Aug 2006, 17:55
Thanks for the replies,

Turns out my friends are in Cancun which is quite a bit away so hopefully a non event for them.



11th Aug 2006, 18:46
Apologies to whoever posted the link but someone suggested this http://visz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert.php?lang=eng as a reasonably informative website about mother nature (and Man created) activities like this worldwide.