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Sailor Vee
11th Aug 2006, 14:56
I wonder if anyone can help with a search for a book?

Itís regarding the biography of an American guy, I think shortly after WW2, flying DC 3S and 4s, both around the States and across the pond via Iceland. I believe it may be out of print.

Iíve tried Google with no success.

11th Aug 2006, 15:27
can you remember the name of the pilot?

For out of print books, you might want to try Gemm Books (http://www.gemmbooks.com)

11th Aug 2006, 15:33
The book is "Fate is the Hunter" by E. Gann. One of the best if not THE best book ever on commercial aviation. Enjoy.

Sailor Vee
11th Aug 2006, 15:33
That's the one. Ernest K Gann, I thought the title had 'fear' in it somewhere, prolly why I couldn't find it!!

Thanks a lot for that. :ok:

11th Aug 2006, 15:39
You could well mean "Fate is the Hunter" by Ernest K Gann.

A paperback edition was published in 1986 by Simon & Shuster under the imprint "Touchstone Books".

In the early 1970s another fellow and I flew an Aero Grand Commander from the USA by way of Canada, Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland and Prestwick to Gatwick.

On the way up the fjord to Narsarssuaq (Bluie West One) I saw a wrecked ship on the rocks and instantly recalled the book. I knew we were in the right fjord. This is valuable knowledge since the fjord narrows and deepens until the pilot whips over an island (one can see the whites of the eyes of the sheep), down to the threshold, then lands uphill towards the glacier at the far end, with mountains on both sides. Gann tells the story dramatically from his wartime years. I believe the ship has since been removed.

If out of print, the book should be available second hand on the internet. If this is the book you want and you cannot find a copy I may be able to help.

Sailor Vee
11th Aug 2006, 15:58
Thanks for that, Davaar. I've managed to locate said book through Amazon, a copy is on the way!! (Insha'allah)

11th Aug 2006, 16:14
Fantastic book and a 'must read' for every wannabe out there.

Love the story about flying in South America.

Loose rivets
12th Aug 2006, 18:44
Aye.....we ad to wing it in them days. Droppin the radio aerial to find t'ground? Luxury!!!!! We ad no radio, ad to find our way by colour of t'clouds.

It was required reading for young blokes about to fly the Dak

My mate, who preceded me by a year or so to a first command on Daks, reckoned that the book... or one of Gann's....saved the day. All about cutting the fuel, and back-firing the ice out of the air intakes.

The bit about the tarje Mahal was fantastic...nearly did the same thing with the Colosseum.

Taught one to be kool in adverse situations did that book.

12th Aug 2006, 23:54
Better than Fate is the Hunter is North Star Over My Shoulder. It's the bio of a guy that starts with TWA during the use of Ford Tri-Motors and retires with the Boeing 747. No how great am "I" BS like Yeager. This is a super look at the golden and not so golden age of the airlines. Lots of WWII and across the pond in DC-4's.

BTW the litle drunk guy in Fate is the Hunter was base on a lifelong friend of mine who recently passed. Jonh had beat the booze and was sober for 38 years. He was a lifelong friend of Ernie Ganns's Both great guys. But do have a look at Northstar.:ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:

13th Aug 2006, 12:50
Gann also wrote several great novels, all with much realism as you'd expect from a seasoned flyer.

Band Of Brothers, Blaze Of Noon, and Island In The Sky are well worth your time.