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11th Aug 2006, 02:53
From the desk of: PRO CHARLES SOLUDO
Head Office 11B Akin Adesola Street
Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

Good Day,

your support and cooperation to carry out this businessopportunity in my department.

We discovered an abandoned sum of ($45.5 million u.s. dollars) in an account that belongs to one
of our late foreign customer who died in the Ikeja bomb blast of the Febuary 2, 2003 my client, his
wife, and their two children were involved in Ikeja bomb blast unfortunately they lost their lives
in the process of the bomb blast.

Since we heard of his death, we have been expecting his next-of-kin to come over and make claims
for his money as the next of kin to the deceased, because we cannot release the fund from his
account unless someone applies for claim as the next-of-kin to the deceased as indicated in our banking
guide lines.

Unfortunately, neither their family member or distant relative has ever appeared to claim the said
funds. Upon this discovery, I and other officials in my department have agreed to make business
with you and release the total amount ($45.5 million u.s. dollars) to you as the next of kin to the
deceased since no one came for it or discovered his maintained account with our bank, otherwise
the fund will be returned to the banks treasury as unclaimed fund. We have agreed that our ratio of
sharing will be as stated thus; 30% for you as foreign partner, 65% for us the officials in my
department and 5% for the settlement of all local and foreign expenses incurred during the course of
this business.

Upon the successful completion of this transfer, I and one of my colleagues will come down toyour
country and mind our share. It is from our 65% we intend to import Agricultural Machineries into
my country as a way of recycling the funds.

To commence this transaction, we require you to furnish us with the following information below:-

1) Your Full Name
2) Your Residential Address
3) Your Telephone Number
4) Your age
5) Occupation / Marital Status

Upon receipt of the above information from you, we will contract an attorney who will secure all
the required legal documents from the Federal High Court proving you as the next of kin to the
deceased, and also to enable us file letter of claim to the appropriate departments for necessary
approvals before the transfer can be made.

I look forward to receiving your prompt response through my private email address
([email protected])

Best regards,


For confirmation, please refer to the links below:


Buster Cherry
11th Aug 2006, 03:45
Nice of him to give you (us) his E-mail address..
Think a little fun is in order with this one....

11th Aug 2006, 03:49
I thought so too, and have been cooking a little something up... Shall I dispatch this? :}


Dear Prof. Charles Soludo,
My name is Dr. SXXXXXXs FXXXXXXs, and I am pleasured to make your acquaintance, albeit in this somewhat unorthodox manner.
I was informed of your plight re: the unclaimed US$45.5 million through an associate of mine; having received your communication and sensing the urgency of it he brought it to my immediate attention, so that it may garner the action it so clearly deserves.

I am of a mind to assist in this matter, having both the time and resources to accomplish a task of this magnitude; in addition I am experienced to some extent in these affairs, having on a previous occasion successfully assisted in recovering a sum from circumstances somewhat similar to those described in your letter.

Because of these qualifications I shall require that no less than 50% of the recovered monies be placed at my disposal; considering the intricate role that you require of me in this particular matter I am sure that you will find these terms acceptable.

Based on these understandings you may contact me further to arrange additional details regarding this business proposition of yours. I believe you will find my assistance invaluable to you in the pursuit of your goal.

God Bless You and Keep.


Edited to remove the name, just in case he's smart enough to googoo and find it here, also a minor grammar revision:ok:

11th Aug 2006, 09:36
Stunner! send that! and of course, let us know of any reply :}

11th Aug 2006, 10:32
yes yes yes yes. get him to come to the pprune bash to 'Hand over the funds' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comedy genious moments. Aww yes get him on stage etc etc sorry, i'm starting to drool now

11th Aug 2006, 11:31
Sent :E I will post any replies here...:} ;) :ok:

Doors to Automatic
11th Aug 2006, 12:21
Here's a response I sent back to one of these characters - needless to say I'm still waiting for my $25000!

Dear Lambert

I am writing to you as a trusted and loyal business person of the highest
integrity following a personal recommendation and offer a business
opportunity of the highest calibre. Please excuse my intrusion but I am
assured this will be of interest to a man of your inestimable breeding.

I have recently discovered $US 26,000,000,000,000 dollars US (twenty-six
trillion US Dollars) wedged firmly up my @rse. It is located somewhere
between the Colon and the anal sphincter and belongs to a learned Liberian
friend of mine who was sadly eaten by rebels during the uprising in
Monrovia last week.

Since my colleagues sad and premature demise last week we are expecting his
next of kin to arrive equipped with colonic irrigation apparatus and claim
the monies. However we have sadly learnt that they were also killed during
the riots. One was used for target practice by the locals and now has 347
spears lodged in various parts of his body, a second was skinned alive to
make drums which the rebal leaders are using to communicate with each other
whilst a third was kidnapped and sold to the Dinos Kebab Corp of Corfu
Town, Greece.

All other next of kin were killed in a ficticious plane crash in March 2001.

I am therefore writing to you with a business proposal to help me release
the funds. I am in desparate need of a plunger, some ex-lax tablets and an
industrial sized-bucket. Some fairy liquid would also be useful to clean
the twenty-six trillion bank notes once they emerge. Since helping my
friend I have grown to 286 stone and am therefore too big to leave the
house. I would therefore be grateful if you could send over $25,000 in used
bank notes so I can have the necessary equipment flown in.

Once the deal is through, so-to-speak, I will distribute the funds as

60% for my troubles
10% to have the house industrially steam-cleaned and de-fumigated
45% for your good self.

I look forward to receiving your package containing genuine used bank notes
without delay and initiating a long lasting and robust business

Yours in good faith

A [email protected]

11th Aug 2006, 12:33

Think I burst a gut - beautiful!

11th Aug 2006, 13:00
60% for my troubles
10% to have the house industrially steam-cleaned and de-fumigated
45% for your good self.

And a couple of quid for a calculator.

green granite
11th Aug 2006, 13:04
there are some interesting letters on this site (http://www.warmfusion.com/nigerian/) of replies to scam letters and the on going correspondence very amusing they are too

11th Aug 2006, 13:27
Those guys all all frauds, because here is the real deal:


Hello, my name is Peter Orlov and I'm a wholesale distributor, and
specialize in trading/exporting jewelry and furs from famous Russian
factories to US and Canadian small wholesalers.

Due to my inability to create a PayPal account myself (Russians are not
allowed to use PayPal), I'm compelled to seek cooperation with PayPal
account owners to collect payments from my US customers, and I'm willing
to pay 5%-10% for every processed transaction. My regular transactions
are $10000-$15000 on average, and I have 2-4 transactions a week.

The problem I have is trust (I have been scammed few times in the past),
and that is why I will only review applications from VERIFIED PAYPAL
MEMBERS, because your VERIFIED status is my best warranty, and it shows
that you are honest and trustworthy person.

If you are interested in this offer, send your resume to my US toll-free
fax: +1 (888) XXX-XXXX
Don't forget to include your valid contact phone number (cell preferred)
and the best time to call.
This message has been sent from unmonitored mail box, and your direct
reply will not be received.

Peter Orlov.

Doors to Automatic
11th Aug 2006, 13:59
And a couple of quid for a calculator.

It was intentional!! :ok:

11th Aug 2006, 15:57
And there's a shed load of loot swanning around in the States as well !

Foreign Payment Liaison Office,
Second Avenue, Seattle Washington
WA, 98104, U.S.A
Security Tel/Fax No: 1-610-980-8687

Dear Friend,


Following the September 11th terrorist attacks on United States World Trade Center which slumped the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the office of the comptroller of the currency (OCC) Washington DC, the Accountant General Foreign Payment Liaison office recently carried out Verifications and auditing exercise on foreign payment, these funds was discovered during this process.

I am Mr.Brooks Donald, the Internal Auditor Foreign payment office Seattle branch, Washington. I got your contact through the World Trade Encyclopaedia and wish to express my willingness to transfer an overdue payment of US$11,400,000.00 (Eleven million, four hundred thousand United States Dollars only) to your nominated bank account, through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. However, concrete arrangements have been concluded successfully for the transfer.These funds will be released to you as if you are a share-holder at the New-York Stock Exchange.

These funds emanated from over invoiced payment including logistic and Y2K compliance with our programs networking.Some of these funds actually belongs to the late Morris Thompson, who died during the Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on January 31 2000, including his wife and only daughter. You shall read more about the crash on visiting this website


I discovered this amount from the manifest recently and secured a payment authority to authenticate the transfer.Note that you will be entitled to share 15% of the funds. This deal is 100% covered from any form of inquiry, and it will be done under a legitimate funds transfer process.

Kindly send the following information urgently, (1), your full name and address, (2) your confidential Telephone and Fax number. You will open a new bank account where these funds will be remitted. Finally, note that a high Degree of trust is required from both parties.

Looking forward to your timely response via confidential security E-mail; Make sure you contact me through my email address ("BROOKS DONALD" <[email protected]>) before sending me a fax or phone call, this is my TEL/FAX:1 610-980-8687

Your urgent reply is highly anticipated.