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The Real Slim Shady
10th Aug 2006, 20:10
I haven't really got a clue which forum would answer this best....but....here goes.

The LoCo's don't provide their crews with any sustenance during the working day: crew food has long gone.

So now that the security people are unable to permit food and water to be taken airside, and the crews can't get back into the airside bit of the terminal, how does this fit with the Health and Safety Act?

No food or water...hypoglaecemic and de hydrated?

Chesty Morgan
10th Aug 2006, 20:14
Slim, we still get crew food!

The other option is for crews to take the food out of the passenger bars. We regularly do this anyway because quite often the crew food doesn't turn up and when it does it's normally crap.

But it is a safety concern of mine and, as a captain, I wont be going anywhere without food of some sort.

10th Aug 2006, 20:16
How else you gonna stay slim, Slim? :p

tony draper
10th Aug 2006, 20:23
Do what they do in the RAF if they crash in the desert,eat the navigator.
So one was told by a Phantom Pilot.

10th Aug 2006, 20:30
Are you sayint that the RAF is into cannabilism like the RN? Please pass the leg over here!

10th Aug 2006, 20:44
here at WW we dont get crew food.
however have been advised today that we will get crew food provided by caterers untl the ban has been lifted!

Buster Cherry
10th Aug 2006, 20:56

11th Aug 2006, 02:17
A Jaguar mate took that piece of advice quite literally Drapes. Trouble was that subject of his attentions had passed out p*ssed. The subsequent Court Martial gave us all something to talk about for ages :E Of course that was before they made it all legal (or is that compulsory nowadays?)

12th Aug 2006, 12:21
Perhaps for crew they could allowed properly sealed, pre-packaged foods? It is the most of unhealthiest options but feasible.

Perhaps pre-screened foods could be sold to crews after the security screenings.

I've not really followed this too much but sent Mr. PE the day that this all started (10 August) with a bottle of water, fruit juice, homemade sandwich, granola bar and an apple.

We heard the news as he was walking out the door. He said no one checked his luggage and only had one crew member arrive late due transfer from another city. Granted he works for a non anglo saxon company, left from Italy and was heading to Asia.

However, upon arriving to his destination the entire crew's (flight and cabin) were searched.