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10th Aug 2006, 17:54
This made me smile on an otherwise dreary Thursday between delays at Heathrow and delays at well....everywhere!

Long download but worth it for his expressions alone!


11th Aug 2006, 03:10
You're easily amused me old mucker ;)

Mr. Kobayashi
11th Aug 2006, 11:29
Mr. Jerricho...........be careful where you sling that wit.

You might catch someone on a bad day.

13th Aug 2006, 12:42
Bad enough he's wearing a poor-quality eastern bloc bone-dome and mask but then that guy keeps freeze-framing his own face every time Bon Scott or whoever screams "thunder." This is a shock the first time. It becomes beyond cringe after the 15th time.

The "face shot" was made popular by the likes of Maverick, Slider, Iceman and later Mailman and Dead-Meat but is somewhat overdone these days.

The L-39 does nothing more hair-raising than a steep turn, all the while with this nerd's face in the way. He says his friend made it but it's fairly obvious he made a video of himself and posted it under the guise of the pilot.

This download is extremely cheesy.

13th Aug 2006, 13:36
Hey Jerricho.....

When your out walking in the forest this weekend - could you possibly dig me up a few magnets?

Thanks :hmm:

13th Aug 2006, 16:27
Nah mate, ask Mr Zuzz,

Got the personality for it.

13th Aug 2006, 16:48
Zuzz - just for the record.

Please tell us that you have actually been in a tight turn in a military trainer.

It seems either "experience" or "naivety" would make you use the "nothing more hair-raising" to describe one. Which one is it?


13th Aug 2006, 17:02
Does this mean you think a steep-turn is hair-raising?

I find the look on his face and him wearing his mask on his chin more hair-raising than the steep-turns. Surely you agree?