View Full Version : F-15 flies with one wing

Mr Lexx
9th Aug 2006, 20:29
Apologies if this has been posted before, but bloomin heck, that is some engineering! (obviously the reconstruction is doctored, but the pics at the end aren't)


Bern Oulli
9th Aug 2006, 20:56
Not only some engineering, but that was some flying. Respect to both pilot and manufacturer.

9th Aug 2006, 21:30
That's an aviator.

9th Aug 2006, 23:09
He did incredibly well to get it down, tear out the hook then stop it before the end.... :D

9th Aug 2006, 23:28
I'm sorry but I'm reaching for the big yellow n black handle. A plane ain't meant to fly on one wing!

Serious kudos to the flyer tho, even if it is just a couple of big fans in a tube, the wings are fairly important in my opinion!

I guess when your thrust to weight looks that good you can kinda rely on the engines to keep you in the air! If you've ever seen a Lightning sit on its tail and hurl itself into the stratosphere at a frightening rate of knots I'm sure you'll understand that wings ain't the only thing that can provide lift component!

9th Aug 2006, 23:51
Is that 'A4' an F100?

Capt. Queeg
10th Aug 2006, 09:11
That's an aviator.Yes, an outstanding job of landing a damaged ship.

But a pilot who managed to avoid the collision in the first place? Now that's an aviator. :p

10th Aug 2006, 09:18
Matt Hooks but you can't land a Lightening when it's in a vertical climb :ok:

10th Aug 2006, 09:34
Still reckon the 'A4' is an F100!

Mr Lexx
10th Aug 2006, 09:36
G-CPTN, the video footage is a mock up I believe, the only "actual" shots are the stills at the end.

I always thought those "migs" in top Gun looked funny as well.....:}

10th Aug 2006, 09:52
Agreed, Mr Lexx, but couldn't they get shots of an A4? WHERE did they get footage of an F100? FLYING . . .

pedant mode off. :E :ok:

Mr Lexx
10th Aug 2006, 09:57
double post, the servers seem to be busy this morning for some reason.

10th Aug 2006, 10:06
If I remember correctly the pilot was ticked off and demoted for ignoring a direct order (to eject) but then was subsequently was promoted for saving what was left of the aircraft!

Great work!


10th Aug 2006, 15:58
What's that old saying - 'a superior pilot is one who uses his superior judgement to avoid situations that may require the use of his superior skill'.