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9th Aug 2006, 12:41
Mrs UFO and I have just bought a new property and we want to buy a few new items of furniture rather than move the old ones. The important one of these being the bed. Now I once, long, long ago, slept one night in a waterbed in a motel somewhere along Ventura Boulevard, and I remember it as the best night's sleep I had in a long time, so I would be interested in having one. It was after a long hard day, though, and it was about 25 years ago, so my memory may be playing me false. As Mrs UFO has never slept in a waterbed at all we want to try a couple of nights in one and thought we would go to a hotel for our next anniversary.

I'm not having a lot of luck locating one (preferably within about 100 miles of BHX and with a decent restaurant) so I wondered if any prooners out there happened to know of one. Any other waterbed advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Lon More
9th Aug 2006, 12:44
Found this (http://www.waterbedsuk.co.uk/scripts/hotels.asp) after a quick Google

9th Aug 2006, 13:00
My one and only experience with a waterbed was in Niagara many years ago.Mrs.1DC and i went to see the falls and stayed in a motel with a waterbed. Mrs. sat on bed i then sat on the other side causing a wave which rippled across to her side and deposited her on the floor. Went to bed that night and the bed was freezing cold, found a thermostat and turned it full up.We spent the night holding on to each other as we tried to stay on the bed and keep warm. The next night the thermostat had worked and the bed was very hot, too hot to sleep on so we slept on a pull out bed also in the room. The bed was a big bag of water but i believe that they are compartmented now so the water stays in the same place.
Having said all this a friend has had one for over twenty years and likes them very much..

9th Aug 2006, 16:18
Waterbeds - just one little :mad: prick, and you're all wet!

9th Aug 2006, 16:24
1DC, that was funny. That would have made a geat episode for 1 foot in the grave.

UFO - Somerton Court House (in Lon More's link) is a very nice place, albeit over your 100 mile limit. Plenty to do down there. Good resteraunts locally and on site.

My good lady & I used to frequent the place quite often before we moved back to the general area of EGTK.

9th Aug 2006, 23:02
Careful Mr and Mrs UFO. Any accident could be fatal - poached to death!

9th Aug 2006, 23:44
Only ever slept in one waterbed. My soon to be wife and I got away for a dirty weekend. I can tell you the waterbed made the dirty weekend almost logistically impossible. But we eventually overcame :E :E :E

The rest of the night I felt like I was sleeping feet up on a 45 degree angle .

Bizarre experience to say the least...

10th Aug 2006, 00:10
Ever see the Steptoe and Son sketch....................


10th Aug 2006, 00:14
I can tell you the waterbed made the dirty weekend almost logistically impossible.
Never tried it, but bonking on an airbed is precarious, let me tell you. One kept coming off . . . prematurely . . .

Loose rivets
10th Aug 2006, 00:40
It would be nice to have a room in the house that had a water bed, but keep your normal bed for normal use. Trying to catch one's wife as she passes on the out of phase wave is a skill that only few master. The look on the face of an unaware girlfriend, can be so funny that nowt of any consequence happens after that.

I have never seen the point in wasting money and a huge amount of time, on a waterbed that has so many baffles that you can not feel the motion. The gentle wave motion is what it's all about IMO.


Water must have additive to stop it becoming an aquarium for little swimmy things.

A leak could wreck some priceless art work in your gallery below...or your favorite tea-cosy...ask Edward Scissorhands.

The temperature must be perfect. Well, you know that, but I think I used to fill ours with the water from a mixer tap...[balanced pressure mix is hard to find in the UK ] at a temp of 82f The bed was then ready to use...more or less. Only over a period of days of minute adjustments, can you get it perfect.

Having said all this, I have plopped into the beautiful warm cocoon over many years, and for a time thought that it was the best toy in town...well, almost.