View Full Version : Conjoined twins.

9th Aug 2006, 02:14
How does one resolve the decision whether to have conjoined twins separated?
Are there any parallel situations you are aware of?

9th Aug 2006, 02:19
A recent pair, who died incidentally, were old enough to decide on their own.

I always wonder who pays.....

9th Aug 2006, 04:27
"I freely confess to having found it truly difficult to decide," he wrote in his decision. "Difficult because of the scale of the tragedy for the parents and the twins, difficult for the seemingly irreconcilable conflicts of moral and ethical values and difficult because the search for settled legal principle has been especially arduous and conducted under real pressure of time."
~ Lord Justice Ward in a 2000 opinion regarding conjoined twins.

Medical ethics article it's quoted from here: