View Full Version : How's everyone?

8th Aug 2006, 19:30
Hope u are all well and enjoying the summer. So where did u all go on holiday and hope u had a great time. I've been to hell and back, how was ur journey? take care all!:ok:

8th Aug 2006, 19:34
That reminds me of a girl I used to date. Her name was Helen too.

But what are you talking about......??? It's not summer, it's winter.

tony draper
8th Aug 2006, 19:38
It is indeed summer in the important hemisphere. :rolleyes:

8th Aug 2006, 19:46
Summer is going by faster than a barefoot bloke on hot coals:}


8th Aug 2006, 22:52
middle of winter here too...... so to answer your question ... it's hissing down and blowing cold from the south ....

8th Aug 2006, 22:58
blowing cold from the south ....
Nah! That can't be. South is WARM!

8th Aug 2006, 23:10
Is that the one and only Chacha?:\

Good grief - it is..where have you been girl?

9th Aug 2006, 08:24
Alleged important hemisphere types - yesterday in the Oz National Capital - overnight - 6 but duiing the day 17. Now that is mid winter. A bit blowy today but 3 - 15 ain't bad.

Now how does that compare to where you will be in mid-winter in terms of temp.


9th Aug 2006, 09:09
Warm(ish) and Sunny(ish) here....