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Buster Hyman
8th Aug 2006, 13:17
Auckland, NZ
August 8, 2006 - 9:28AM

A lunchtime parade of topless porn stars down the main street of New Zealand's biggest city has been given official approval on the grounds that no laws would be broken.
The Boobs on Bikes parade later this month will feature up to 30 porn stars on the back of motorcycles or in cars riding through Auckland's CBD to promote an erotica expo, The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.
The breast-baring drive has been held informally since 2003, but this is the first time permission has been sought and given by the Auckland City Council.
Several city councillors against the parade were surprised to find it had been given a green light without consulting them.
They learned of the approval from a council memo which said it was not against the law to be topless on Queen Street.
Councillor Noelene Raffills said the parade is not acceptable for that time of day in the busy shopping street.
"It is not like a television set you can turn off or a book you can shut," Raffills told the newspaper.

Funny how it coincides with the annual "Give your sheep a day off" day...http://www.smiliegenerator.de/s30/smilies-43384.pnghttp://www.smiliegenerator.de/s30/smilies-43386.png

Minty Fresh
8th Aug 2006, 13:30
Can we despatch the official Jetblast photographer to this location please..

Could start a new thread - Photos of everyones t!ts :}

And before anyone says it - no, my photo will not need changing!!

8th Aug 2006, 15:16
"Captain Mainwaring, Sir! I'd like to volunteer to be the titter that runs through the crowd."

8th Aug 2006, 23:54
With the way the weather is at the moment, things should be pretty stiff .....

Atlas Shrugged
9th Aug 2006, 00:20

9th Aug 2006, 06:43
Peeps, just because it says 'porn stars' does this mean they are of the female persuasion?? There are male porn stars in NZ I'm sure - this could be a case of "gender alert!" as some men also have rather large mammalian protuberances (thanks Frank Zappa for that one) :oh: :oh: