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8th Aug 2006, 03:14
You know - the internet (should that be "Internet" with an upper case I (or i) - and should anybody waggle two finegrs on each hand in the air when reading it out loud?).

Sorry - thread drift - start again.............

You know........now, an explanation, that was said in a tone of voice, or "intonation" (Mum, he's doing it again!!) that made it into a sort of question. A kind of shortening of the phrase..."You know that the internet is..." (wonderous sort of feeling with it). Anyway - start again.

You...no, done it again...let's ask Michael Caine to do it...

"Did you know, that the internet is a wonderous thing. It teaches people a lot of stuff. Stuff that they might not have already known before reading this. It teaches you to "only blow the bloody doors off" and "don't throw bloody spears at me!" (OK - admit it - did you say it in "the voice" of Michael Caine? Did you do the impression?) Sorry, back to the plot...

Ya know - the internet/Internet* (*delete as applicable) is brilliant. In't the internet brilliant. Ya learn all sorts of stuff from the internet - but ya have to read it in a Paul Whitehouse accent - and not a lot of people know that.

What I was going to ask is, "What have you learned from reading PPruNe?"

Me? I was convinced I was 52. I've just read PPruNe and discovered that I'm only 51. It made me "do the math" - and it appears to be correct. 51. Wonder where that other year went? Probably waiting for students to stop finishing their checklist at the run up area.

Lost a whole year - people tell me time flies when you're enjoying yourself (but how would I know?).

So - what HAVE YOU learned from PPruNe over the years??

8th Aug 2006, 03:18
(And that you have to have a minimum number of characters in your message.)

Buster Hyman
8th Aug 2006, 04:04
That Canada is a place that no self respecting Aussie would ever move to...

...oh...and everything is the fault of the French!:}
(Actually...I already had my suspicions about that last one!)

8th Aug 2006, 04:41
Self respecting Aussie??

Is that an oxymoron? (Something else PPruNe taught me?).

8th Aug 2006, 04:59
Never to trust anybody!

tony draper
8th Aug 2006, 05:14
Never put finger to key when one has the pub visited and partaken deeply of the falling down water.

8th Aug 2006, 05:36
Not to P**t C*%&T :E

8th Aug 2006, 05:42
Always to respect D*nny's wishes.

8th Aug 2006, 06:00
http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b170/rotated/yeahthat.gif and image hosting... :E :ok:

8th Aug 2006, 06:21
I've learned that a split personality isn't something to worry about... ;)

That, and how to spell properly.

8th Aug 2006, 09:55
That however right you think you are and however carefully you word your posts, there will always be someone to shoot you down in flames!

Go on then, do your worst ... I'm ready. :rolleyes:

Lon More
8th Aug 2006, 10:08
A force for good e.g. the Guv

That however right you think you are and however carefully you word your posts, there will always be someone to shoot you down in flames!

And if they can't do that, then they'll take the Michael

8th Aug 2006, 11:13
That there's a selling opportunity for a few rolls of chain link fence at Prestwick (See other thread - PRESTWICK protest.. AGAIN today out of hand )

It has happened again. The BBC are reporting that protestors from Trident Ploughshares group have got onto another C130 at PIK. So that's the third breach of perimeter security at the same airport this week. Two is bad but THREE???? What the Hell's going on?

8th Aug 2006, 12:01
I learnt 'ow ta spull.

8th Aug 2006, 12:12
If you breathe through yer mouth while chopping onions, yer eyes don't water.

Howard Hughes
8th Aug 2006, 12:16
Absolutely nothing, no matter how hard I try I still can't get the bloody apostrophe in the right place...:{

8th Aug 2006, 12:55
That no matter how stupidly I behave, there's always someone worse.

8th Aug 2006, 13:01
That no matter how I behave, there's always someone more stupid:}

8th Aug 2006, 13:01
One should believe half what one sees & nothing what one reads. Unless of course I'm writing it. Oooh look, an Oomiigoolie bird:rolleyes:

8th Aug 2006, 13:10
I learnt that I wasn't quite as stupid as I thought I was when I couldn't get the AIS NOTAM brief to work when it was first introduced.

Flying Lawyer
8th Aug 2006, 13:20
An enormous amount, far too much to list.

I've learnt a great deal about flying airliners and the aviation industry worldwide from professional pilots and, as for my hobby, the best source of information and expertise about helicopters and helicopter flying that exists - on the net or anywhere else - is the Rotorheads forum.

I've learnt from debates in this forum. As with any large group, there's wheat and chaff (some posts, the google intellectuals, the drivel threads etc) but there's no shortage of seriously clever people here from whom I've learned facts I didn't know and points of view which hadn't occurred to me.

IMHO one of PPRuNe's greatest strengths is that it provides an opportunity to learn from people from so many different parts of the world. It's a wonderful institution. :ok:

8th Aug 2006, 13:28
I have learnt that integrity is a liability.

8th Aug 2006, 13:56
Hello Falpsy, whre u been then?:)

8th Aug 2006, 13:56
How to argue a case without attacking your opponent. And how to 'pitch it down the middle of the wicket', so that you don't alienate your audience. Truly invaluable skills.

And many, many other things far too numerous to list.

bar fly
8th Aug 2006, 14:36
How to fold a T-shirt.

8th Aug 2006, 14:36
Never to trust anybody!Wow.... issit that bad?

I learned to be well prepared and illegitimi non carborundum...

8th Aug 2006, 14:40
I learnt about how illeegal raydeeoh transmishuns can affect avitars and how a luv of aveeashun dussint mix with pierat raydeeoh.

What was his nick again?!

8th Aug 2006, 14:43

Great to see you posting again, even on the subject you chose. Welcome back,hopefully.


8th Aug 2006, 14:45
I watched you learn that one Wedge.
I can remember your posts a few years ago when I was more directly involved with this forum and there's a big difference. :ok:

The biggest thing I've learned from PPRuNe is how much work is involved in running a forums website. Before becoming a Mod, I'd taken it for granted and assumed it just about ran itself. We do our bit to help, but the site wouldn't be the success it is without the hours Danny puts in behind the scenes.

Human nature being what it is, we all have our own ideas about what we'd change if we were in charge, but there can only be one Captain and it's Danny's steady hand on the tiller, and courage and integrity when PPRuNe is threatened, that's kept us flying and made it the most successful aviation website in the world.

DX Wombat
8th Aug 2006, 15:57
Flaps & Wholi:{ :{ :{ but lovely to see you both here. :ok: I better get back to my tin tent.

8th Aug 2006, 18:05
Flaps missed you.You're one of a kind and it's deffy not the same without you.:ok:

8th Aug 2006, 18:07
Certainly is great to see falps back, but that looks like it might be a parting shot?

Hope I'm wrong.

8th Aug 2006, 18:10
How to dispose of a dead body. (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=79405) :ok:

8th Aug 2006, 18:38
Since joining, I've learnt (even if not directly from PPRuNe):

-How to use our oven
-How to use our washing machine
-The difference between washing whites and colours
-How to iron (and fold)
-Always give women exactly what they demand for a quiet life
-How to hold down 15 pints and a Vindaloo
-That (potential) mother-in-laws are (and always will be) the bane of my life
-When to shut up by a simple glare from the missus

Seriously, that when ever I need advice, certain folk on here are some of the best folk I know to ask! :ok:

8th Aug 2006, 19:10
:yuk::yuk: :yuk: .

8th Aug 2006, 19:24
Feeling nauseous Wholigan?

8th Aug 2006, 19:27
Honest - not your post mate!

8th Aug 2006, 19:30
That PPRuNe is a good source of information, if you want to know something someone on here will always have the answer.In the main PPRuNers are helpful to each other, even the awkward B*****d's.
This forum is the only one i have stayed with and contributed to, which means to me that it is OK.

8th Aug 2006, 19:31
LOL - I Must admit, my last comment was a bit soppy. A momentary nostalgic lapse!

Back to normal now!

8th Aug 2006, 19:42
What has PPruNe ever taught me? :}

The bleedin' cheek of the statement implied by that question...?! Ask not what PPRuNe has taught you, ask instead what you (eg. airship) has taught PPRuNe mate! :p :confused: :(

Uhmmm, well, maybe I've become somewhat more modest since coming here in 2003?! :D

Anyway, 'ow come all our long lost mods decided to show up? If you ask me, they've become rather like buses - never one around when you want one, and then they all show up at once...?! ;)

PS. This isn't going to be like some Star Wars movie where all the Jedi knights appear together for one last time before finally disappearing into the ?sphere is it...? :{

8th Aug 2006, 19:54
Too much to mention, indeed some posters in particular go out of their way to give as much information as possible. :D

More importantly one feels a little less unique than before I joined.

8th Aug 2006, 20:44
Trust no one, even those you consider friends.:eek:

They can and will back stab, to save themselves when the chips are down, even when they are in the wrong! :ouch:

Takan Inchovit
8th Aug 2006, 21:20
Moi has learned how toothbrushes and hosties go together.

8th Aug 2006, 21:28
The 'Challenge Orac' thread was a good un for education....

hi flaps & wholi

8th Aug 2006, 23:00
I've learned how to swear like a Brit. Thanks!

tony draper
8th Aug 2006, 23:04
Hmmm,one notes the "How to get rid of a body", thread linked to on the Sprouts thread, got four or five pages of replies,whilst the "Advice needed on being nice" thread by Fluffy Prooner attracted zero replies,
says it all really.

8th Aug 2006, 23:23
Pprune has taught me that a plane on a conveyer belt....:mad: I can't remember.:{

But I learnt lotsa stuff about flying that I will probably never use, unless in a pub while drinking. :D

8th Aug 2006, 23:44
T'would be wonderful if someone had to compose a rough description of the average Ppruner for detection purposes.

"So Doctor, what type of person are we looking for?"

"Well detective they appear to fall into two camps. The first is short, fat and genetically inferior. Look either for overly bitten fingernails or a noticeable facial twitch when George Bush is mentioned. A tendency to repeat themselves, hysterically after a half of shandy, and a history of being barred from local hostelries for boring behaviour are good indicators, as is being somewhat helpless or inadequate.."

"Hmm.. Interesting. Maybe we could start with males who have applied to join the Girl Guides at some point in their lives"

"An excellent idea detective, though maybe you should consider the brownies too."

"And this other type Doctor?"

"The other type are odd characters, intensely egotistical and generally grumpy. Quite possibly of pallid appearance even after the hot summer, often to be seen muttering to themselves, particularly about 'yoofs' and 'in my day'. You will probably find them trying to avoid contact with the dimmer elements of the human race at any cost by spending more time with their possessions. They could well smell slightly of sprouts."

"Right off we go then, I think I might know a couple of them already."

Lon More
9th Aug 2006, 02:29
AerBabe, now what would a nice girl like you need with such information?

Welcome back Flaps btw

9th Aug 2006, 03:41
Flaps, welcome back and please stay.:(

Pretty please.:sad:

Loose rivets
9th Aug 2006, 05:01
I second that....and while I'm at it, I'll third fourth and fith it as well:)

Ooooh...EDIT. On how to dispose of a body, no one mentioned the old Swiss cheese trick.

9th Aug 2006, 05:49
Dear Falps - Integrity is NEVER a liability dear Lady, even tho sometimes it can seem that way. NEVER GIVE UP ! !
Welcome back Dear Lady and WHOLI - we have missed you BOTH more than mere words can impart

9th Aug 2006, 05:57
I've learned that aircraft are very different to what they used to be 30 years ago (see! aviation-related!)

The pilots of today can sit back and watch a choice of several TV screens, some with very informative programming,and one that's connected to their little play-station joystick :E

Biggles Flies Undone
9th Aug 2006, 11:44
What has PPruNe ever taught you?

That the hard work, dedication and generosity of two people can be spoilt by the bad behaviour of another and the spineless reaction of the person who should have sorted it out.

9th Aug 2006, 13:30
On the Internet, no-one knows you're a dog!

(Woof, woof!)

9th Aug 2006, 13:33
That one can never have too many distractions in life...........

9th Aug 2006, 14:11
Not to step off a moving bus:suspect:

Hiya Falpsand Wholi

9th Aug 2006, 14:54
That there are genuinely is more than one way to skin a cat....

Change a light bulb.....

Make a cup of tea.....

Find your house on the internet...

Insult the French....

Blame George Bush for the evils of the world...

got banned
9th Aug 2006, 15:02
It's all a bit of a game:)

9th Aug 2006, 15:58
Oh, and I also now have pictures of all of you.

Makes stalking just that little easier.

surely not
9th Aug 2006, 16:20
I've learnt that intollerance is rife;
that history can be used by some as an all encompassing justification for barbaric behaviour today;
that I don't always post the views that I want to post because others with differing views will render it pointless by removing my ability to post;
that I haven't been too clever at concealing my identity and that it doesn't bother me;
that there are a lot of people on here who blindly believe what is in the papers without questioning their cut and paste of utter rubbish;
that the great retreat of the neanderthugs on here when they are losing an argument is to forget the topic and start talking of tree hugging lefties.......oh how amusing they are :yuk: ;
that despite pretty standard training and SOP's for pilots there are at least 10 different 'correct' answers to any incident posted by pilots within hours of any event;
that pilots are above the need for security as they are all demi gods of honesty or so they keep implying at every opportunity;
that the ATC thread has the best humour thread on here;
that there is a vast array of talented people on here to advise on all manner of problems;
that those on here who claim to loathe the everyday violence in society today are generally the most imaginative at dreaming up horrendous tortures for the perpetrators thereby making themselves worse than the people the wish to punish;
that threads on speed cameras will appear every 2-3 months with the poster thinking it is a new idea;
that anyone who ducks out of a fight having been rude about or to another poster will automatically claim to have 'got a bite' and that they were 'only joking' rather than say sorry;
that some people have permanently closed minds to new ideas;

oh and apparently this isn't a forum, it is a train set.

edited to make it clearer......................but cudn't be a*sed to add smilies :D

green granite
9th Aug 2006, 16:30
That no matter what you think someone else thinks the opposite. :*

If a person finds your right, instead of agreeing you he will pick your spelling/grammar to pieces :mad:

Some people have a wicked sense of humor others none at all. :E:(

That the French are to be blamed for everything :E:E

That the use of smilies is advantageous. :ok:

10th Aug 2006, 00:55
Don't discuss religion or try to convert anyone. It's like trying to teach a pig to sing - it gains you nothing and annoys the pig greatly.

Cheers, y'all.

10th Aug 2006, 02:01
Dates in your calendar are closer than they appear. :O

Oh, wait, I didn't learn that here! :rolleyes:

The Management reserves the right to remove threads and posts without notice. :=

And, if need be, the posters as well...:uhoh:

10th Aug 2006, 04:26
:\ :eek: :ouch: :mad: :uhoh: That no matter how many smilies they give us to choose from there is never enough :yuk: :D :sad: :O :E :* :( :ok: :bored: :) and even then you can't use all of them at once

10th Aug 2006, 08:40
AerBabe, now what would a nice girl like you need with such information?

What makes you think I'm a nice girl? :confused:

10th Aug 2006, 09:01
ANY girl is a nice girl. It's just a question of alcohol (or abstention).
Abstention makes the heart grow fonder . . . :E

10th Aug 2006, 15:14
That G-CPTN's handle is most appropriate, he appears to never sleep, has an ability to monitor and post on all threads, and has encyclopaedic knowledge on the most arcane subjects.

I therefore propose that he is the latest development from Google (G-CPTN - Google - Computer Personality Turing Network) and is in fact a software agent continually monitoring all posts and responding with intelligent answers sourced from Google's web cache. Quite clever technology really. Soon to be released to a wider world as Google-AI.

G-CPTN I demand that you undertake a Turing test immediately! ;)

I've also learned
- really useful stuff about flying.
- that jokes on the internet come around again and again
- that some people are really angry all of the time
- that there isn't really anything new, it is just the same stuff repackaged

10th Aug 2006, 15:22
Dont eat yellow snow :sad:

10th Aug 2006, 16:22
Umm, the "search" function saves lives? :p

10th Aug 2006, 16:27
That having more than one user name can be ever so much fun (as many of the moderators will tell you ;) )

11th Aug 2006, 03:09
:suspect: @ Howling Wind

11th Aug 2006, 05:45
If a person finds your right, instead of agreeing you he will pick your spelling/grammar to pieces :mad:

Surely you meant "you're right" and not "your right"? :E

oops! did I just bite?

11th Aug 2006, 05:53
They could well smell slightly of sproutsSprouts may have a lot to do with it, but I wouldn't call the smell as being in any way similar to an actual sprout. :hmm:

11th Aug 2006, 05:54
Abstention makes the heart grow fonder . . . :E
And I thought that it was alcohol that made the heart grow fonder :E :E :E :D

Loose rivets
11th Aug 2006, 06:21
I have just learned that Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! is a closet beard wearer.

11th Aug 2006, 08:48
You mean like this?


:eek: :confused: :suspect: :{

green granite
11th Aug 2006, 09:01
Surely you meant "you're right" and not "your right"? :E

oops! did I just bite?

It took 2 days for sombody to notice Mr Duck :):):):ok:

11th Aug 2006, 09:12
or maybie it took too daze for The Duck to notice and the rest off us arent, er, are'nt - sorry, aren't - so picky :E

11th Aug 2006, 09:25
Hey! It took me just one pass to spot it! Give me *that* much credit!

tony draper
11th Aug 2006, 09:29
Never realised how much my generation have in common,ie childhood,we all seemed to have listened to the same radio progs played the same games in the street,read the same books,listened to the same music took the same tenuous steps in to young adulthood and even stranger, all went out with the same girl.

11th Aug 2006, 12:01
What I've learnt...
Lesson one. Don't drink and harddrive.
Lesson two. Get good at doing lists.
Lesson three. Watch downloaded videos of ejection seats.
Lesson four. Bore friends by talking about the latest thread.

The list one should be at no. 1. Failed already.

Fos :hmm:

11th Aug 2006, 21:15
Never realised how much my generation have in common,ie childhood,we all seemed to have listened to the same radio progs played the same games in the street,read the same books,listened to the same music took the same tenuous steps in to young adulthood and even stranger, all went out with the same girl.

So very well put, Tony! A monument should be erected to honor the fellow that finally married her.

11th Aug 2006, 22:34
I belong to another 'e-list' (also with a tenuous aviation connection). Surprising how many members have worked within feet of one another (without meeting), how many had the same hobbies, how many owned the same model of car, etc etc. There's definately sufficient material there for one of those 'You were lucky' type grumpy-old-men type programmes (unscripted). Even stretches to aviation experiences . . .

tony draper
11th Aug 2006, 22:53
I recal reading a book titled Great mysteries in Aviation or something similar,various tales from the world of flight,one concerning stories of a schoolboy 15/16 years of age who managed to be accepted into the wartime RAF,trained as a pilot and flew Lancasters on Bombing missions to Germany,the chap who wrote same did research and found the story was true,he then spent a year trying to track said schoolboy down,who of course by then was no longer a boy,he was having very little success,when he did manage to find him he found the chap had been working at a desk not twenty feet from his in the same newspaper office all the time.
I think the lads age was discovered and he was sent back to his school until he was of a more acceptable age to Captain Lancs,which he later did.

Loose rivets
12th Aug 2006, 06:22
So very well put, Tony! A monument should be erected to honor the fellow that finally married her.

They did...but she sat on it:}

12th Aug 2006, 15:00
That PPRuNe too has its fair share of self-righteous and pompous folk... :rolleyes:

DX Wombat
12th Aug 2006, 15:08
That PPRuNe too has its fair share of self-righteous and pompous folk..and a surfeit of those who apparently take delight in being offensive to others.

12th Aug 2006, 15:10
I've learned that there are some very strange and possibly mentally disturbed people out beyond the ether but we fit right in and you all accept us anyway. :ok:

12th Aug 2006, 20:59
Well I tell you one thing I just learnt (thanks to the excellent Jet Blast Rules of Engagement I just re-read) and that is the existence of Trolls on the internet. I had never heard of them. For those of you who haven't read this, you must read this, it is fascinating:


Having been on the receiving end of one of these Trolls on and off for the past few months I have to admit I unknowingly kept breaking the one key rule - don't feed the Troll. It was only when I got engaged in a long pointless argument about a political subject I knew pretty much inside out that it dawned on me – hang on this guy is a wind-up merchant. I then fairly conclusively proved it with a list of top tips for the wind-up merchant which ticked just about every possible box that makes up a troll. Had I read the definition of Trolls in the link above, I would have saved myself a lot of energy up to that point. Once I realised what he was up to, I was off the hook and I could ignore him. Once I started to ignore him you could almost see the virtual steam coming out of his ears.:)

Please please read the Troll definition and follow the moderator’s advice - never feed the Troll, report him. They really do just ruin it for everyone else.

10th Oct 2006, 20:00
Dont drink and fly!!!

10th Oct 2006, 21:57
I learned that to achieve perpetual motion, all you need is a small plane and a large treadmill. Or was that the other way about... :E :\ :eek: :O

11th Oct 2006, 04:41

11th Oct 2006, 09:44
That no matter how many hours you might have on really BIG aircraft, it doesn't mean that your views on other subjects are necessarily valid or intelligible.

And the When Danny speaks listen!

11th Oct 2006, 13:19
That when I travel on an aircraft, my faith in the integrity, honesty, and professionalism of those guiding the vehicle may have been misplaced.

Gaz ED
11th Oct 2006, 13:59
Wot I lernt....

Don't whistle while you're eating custard.

Don't brush your teeth with razor blades.

Never ever anything ever again.

11th Oct 2006, 23:16
I learnt that lexxity is not a New Zealand laxative

11th Oct 2006, 23:39
CAREFUL! The lady's got a strong right hook.

12th Oct 2006, 01:30
Nothing against Lexx at all

a Play at NZ accent errr Ekscent, that was all - harmless, good natured banter:}

(ducks right hook)

Two's in
12th Oct 2006, 01:59
However severe that Bipolar disorder may be, I can always type.

...and so can I.

12th Oct 2006, 02:16
What has PPruNe ever taught you?
How to open and use a photobucket account.
Any and every thread has been covered numerous times, but most of the good stuff is archived and you have to dig in there to find it.
How sad it is that many of our best pprune pioneers are no longer around.:(
Most of the people who participate in the weekly music quiz are members of the Aussie Mafia.:E
Con-pilot's house is the place to dine during the holidays.
I think I hold the world's record for roadkill with one vehicle.
The computer/internet issues forum is a lifesaver.
Political correctness is ruining the world.:ugh:
Almost everyone likes at least one Pink Floyd song:ok:

12th Oct 2006, 04:38
How to walk that fine line between humour and banishment:)
Sorry onetrack, was in a hurry.

12th Oct 2006, 11:25
I've learnt .. in a very short space of time ..

1. That many people, who claim to be professionals, can't even spell, or be bothered to proof read .. leading one to have serious doubts about how they have survived this far, in their industry .. where accuracy, and attention to detail .. is generally regarded as paramount .. :hmm:

2. That wa-aa-y too many posts, have ''crash'' in the title .. leading one to wonder about the attrition rate amongst those who post on here .. :ooh:

3. That there are always at least three potentially correct answers to every tricky scenario .. with just enough information left out of each answer, for someone with superior knowledge, to jump in and state that the poster is .. wrong, wrong, wrong .. :cool:

4. That in flying .. precisely as in driving .. no-one can do it as professionally as you do .. :p