View Full Version : Fantastic, out of the blue, chat up line.

7th Aug 2006, 23:11
I got this, by e-mail................how could any self respecting person resist.

cut/paste for completeness...

Do not ignore me please,
I found your email somaewhere and now decided to bwrite you.
I am comibng to your place in feaw aweeks and thought we cana meet each othebr. Let me know if you do not mind.
I am a nice pbretty girl. Don't reply to this email. a Email me direclty at [email protected]

7th Aug 2006, 23:16
we cana meet each othebr
Where I come from 'cana' means your luck is out.

8th Aug 2006, 00:34
Where I come from the spelling, grammar and general tone of the message means your luck is out.

8th Aug 2006, 02:34
But it's probably good for a root...................

But you're the probably the one that gets rooted - and your bank account!

Buster Hyman
8th Aug 2006, 04:01
So, I guess that Nigerian banker has had a sex change with all his profits...:hmm:

8th Aug 2006, 05:47
My cousin runs a fashion design house and this guy (no experience in design) begs her for an interview. Turns out to be one of those management types spouting catchphrases by the dozen. She virtually launches him out on his arse.

And then, she receives this:

Dear ---,

It was nice meeting you on Monday, I sent u SMS too imm therafter but u didn reply. I was just surprised when u had already taken a decision that u didn need anybody but designers, then why did u call me so far in the first place? I tried my best to open up buddy, I am sure we had to sit and talk if sth cud be worked out, but u were talking more through a proud mouth, rather than a willingness gesture.

Anyways ---, this is just to say - if still we cud do sth together, or we cud be friends, do mail back or call me up somtime. In you i saw that old childhood pal of mine, who had this big dream, opened an export boutique in South Delhi, and was similar to u in all the mannerisms. Thus surely I liked u ---. Hope we would be best of friends, if not business associates; could we be ---?

Rest Good Luck. Take care.


We've been laughing over it ever since.

8th Aug 2006, 05:53
Smooth-talking Indian.
But aren't they all?:eek: . . .

8th Aug 2006, 06:36
Yer making me blush, el capitaine!

8th Aug 2006, 12:48
So thats what the ppruner also known as UV has be doing recently.

8th Aug 2006, 14:04
Koli - that was my first thought too. :E

Miss me at NW yet?