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7th Aug 2006, 10:56
yesterday protestors of the alleged "bomb flights" scaled the perimeter fence at PIK and caused a fracas.

Now on the Beeb, it is reported that arrests have been made after people actually got inside a freighter and into the cockpit whilst it was on the ground. HOW EMBARRASING..!!!.
Whose a/c was this? Atlas or Evergreen?

'Bomb' protesters board aircraft

Prestwick has become a focus for protests over cargo flights
Seven people have been arrested at Prestwick Airport after protesters boarded a plane.
A spokesman for campaign group Trident Ploughshares told BBC Scotland three people had managed to get onto a US cargo flight.

He said they were searching for evidence to suggest the plane was carrying bombs to Israel.

On Sunday, four people were arrested after demonstrators broke through security fencing onto the main runway.

It was reported last week that US military flights carrying bombs to Israel would no longer use any civilian airports in the UK for refuelling.

We are satisfied that our security measures are working effectively as these people were apprehended very quickly

Prestwick Airport spokesman

The protesters describe themselves as "citizen weapons inspectors" and said they were searching for evidence to suggest the plane was en route to Israel carrying bunker busting bombs.

Trident Ploughshares said seven people got through security fencing at the airport and got into the freight area, with three managing to get on board a US plane.

It is claimed one of the protesters was sitting in the pilot's seat reading a manual when he was arrested.

Strathclyde Police said seven people had been arrested at the airport on Monday morning and confirmed a number of protesters had been on board a plane.

A spokesman for the airport said: "Glasgow Prestwick Airport is investigating the incidents, as are the authorities, and additional security resources have been in place since we became aware of a similar incident on Sunday morning which led to four arrests.

"We are satisfied that our security measures are working effectively as these people were apprehended very quickly.

"Aviation security is tighter than that of most other industries and security at Glasgow Prestwick Airport is consistent with the measures in place at other major airports in the UK."

Skipness One Echo
7th Aug 2006, 11:10
Idiots. They could have been shot.
Or do I mean should have been........
Mind you, with all the beards and sandals it's no wonder they got caught.

7th Aug 2006, 12:26
it was a USAF C130 which makes it even more embarrassing

airmail 1
7th Aug 2006, 12:29
just said on bbc news that it was an mk airlines b747 that they were on....

7th Aug 2006, 12:42
I thought that there was an ex-PO B747-100 up there for Servisair tug training. They ought to have stormed that one!!! FOOLS
I didnt think MK flew for the US Military, shows how good their intel was.
Pity they picked the wrong plane to jump on.
Now they are to appear in court.!!

Maybe security ought to be beefed up in light of this.

In the cold light of day its a good job they were only protestors and not terrorists.

7th Aug 2006, 12:52
If it was the MK 747, then this is actually the airport's own ex-Polar 747 which is used for films, tug training, fire training etc. It was painted as an MK frieghter for an exercise earlier in the year. It is looking like the press are once again exaggerating the actual circumstances. Having said that, and although the aircraft is on a fairly remote part of the airfield away from the terminal and freight sheds, no one should have got near it.

I'll be interested to hear the exact story behind this latest escapade.

Skipness One Echo
7th Aug 2006, 16:50
Oh god save us from sandal wearing pacifists..............more bloody trouble than they're worth. For what it's worth, the security at PIK is generally good and the razor wire from the G8 is all still there too. Reminds me of the damage to the Herc at Shannon a while ago.

7th Aug 2006, 17:17
Here is the BBC news link on this. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/3681938.stm

7th Aug 2006, 17:23
Not sure about a Herc being damaged at SNN but I was there one day not too long ago when a lady with a very large axe got airside and caused a lot of very expensive damage to the military equivalent of a 737-BBJ belonging to the US Navy.

Runaway Gun
7th Aug 2006, 18:06
The BBC said that one of them was found in the cockpit, reading a manual !! :eek:

What a sick [email protected] !!

7th Aug 2006, 18:19
If he found the manual in the F/E's desk it would probably have been of the sort that is normally found in WH Smiths on the top shelf!

Runaway Gun
7th Aug 2006, 18:21
I hope that he at least did the amendments for the F/E.

Dick Fisher
7th Aug 2006, 18:21
Doesn't this whole saga at Prestwick call into question the value we have received for firstly; the erosion of our freedoms and secondly; the massive investments made in "security" at airports and ports in the UK since 9/11?

Where's the intel? Where are the security personnel who are meant to stop this happening? How come protesters know the weak links to use when those supposedly in charge of security at an international airport don't?

So many questions, but will we ever know the answers?

7th Aug 2006, 18:37
Dick Fisher:

"How come protesters know the weak links ........"

Have you ever sat down and thought about how difficult it is to guard the perimeter fence of an airfield in total safety?

I have.

When I was in the RAF at Brize Norton many years ago and the dreaded Tacevals had just started we actually did an exercise to calculate how many guards it would take to keep the perimeter fence TOTALLY safe.

Working on three shifts of 8 hours each and allowing each guy around 200 metres of perimeter fence we came out with a requirement in excess of 2,000 guards.

Prestwick would have a larger perimeter than that and I doubt they employ even 100 guards.

You cannot stop someone with a decent pair of boltcroppers from getting through the fence but what you CAN do is stop them getting somewhere IMPORTANT.

I wonder how the devolved government/circus in Edinburgh would react to a couple of hundred guards at Prestwick armed with decent guns and with instructions to shoot!

Green Flash
7th Aug 2006, 18:49
Er, i though I heard on the BBC R4 news that 7 intruders AND THEIR DRIVER were (eventually) aprehended. DRIVER????????:confused: I mean, did they get wheels through the security too? If so, someone somewhere is in the poo big style!

7th Aug 2006, 18:53
couple of hundred guards at Prestwick armed with decent guns and with instructions to shoot!
Coming soon to an apartment complex/cinema/hospital/workplace/restaurant near you. Land of the free indeed ;-)
Terrorism has already won by the time we're huddled together bound by new laws and monitored in every way possible. They force our own goverments to take our lives away from us. It really is a brilliant scheme. :(

Not entirely thread related maybe, reading just made me reflect on it.

7th Aug 2006, 19:20
But then the Swedes WOULD have a slightly different outlook having sat on just about every international fence that it is possible to sit upon whilst managing to sell ball bearings to everyone and never getting involved in anything!

I speak from my Norwegian ancestry.

7th Aug 2006, 19:24
I once saw something very, very strange at Prestwick. Height of the Cold War, roundabout 1980, nuclear neurosis reigning supreme, we diverted there because of fog at LHR (all widebodies sent to PWK, narrowbodies to MAN- they didn't tell us that was the policy or give us the fuel for it!). Couldn't offload people as the airport was overwhelmed, and we had to start up and taxi to a remote apron on the northside. So I'm sitting there on the Flight Deck totally bored and hacked off, afraid to go into the cabin because 400 people ALL had to phone relatives, see someone fed the dog, etc. 2 of those Antonov transports, F27-like, no identifiable markings, landed, taxied to the other end of the apron and shut down. What woke me up was the door opened and out poured a couple of dozen armed soldiers. Quite alarming- was this the start of an invasion, the first plum target being north apron, PWK? Very smartly stood to attention. I remember some heavy box was carried aboard, and said group then departed. Quite bizarre considering the atmosphere at the time, and not a little mysterious. We were unwittingly witness to some strange goings on- was it Anthony Blunt being spirited off to his HQ? (oh no- that class of person was rewarded for a lifetime of treason with a knighthood and the means to live a wealthy existence amongst us).

7th Aug 2006, 19:44
No, it was most likely a bullion movement.

7th Aug 2006, 20:17
Well what little bullion we may have had, Brown, our 'genius' Chancellor sold off most of it at $165/ounce a few years back. What is it now? About $450+? Smart move man!

Besides, what the hell were we giving it to Commies for?

Final 3 Greens
7th Aug 2006, 22:15
Deceased comrade returning home?

7th Aug 2006, 22:20
But JW411 before you lambast the Swedes for fence-sitting, our government's official position is that we are neutral and even handed in this conflict. Yet we're not talking about ball bearings here, but laser guided bombs.

If Polar/Atlas got the contract to bring Hezbollah rockets through PWK would the protesters still be "sandal wearing pacifists"?

I ask that in order to clarify what some contributors to this thread have said. Do they mean they disapprove of the method these protestors have chosen, or are they (mis)using pprune to make a political statement that the UK should be actively supporting one side in the war in Lebanon?

8th Aug 2006, 08:49
And back to the thread....

....a third breach in as many days. Like the man says, a determined individual with complete disregard for the consequences, and a good set of bolt-cutters, can get into most places at three in the morning.

In the mean time, big dogs. That's what you need. Big dogs. Hungry ones that go "Woof". Very loudly. Pointy teeth.

You get the picture.

Skipness One Echo
8th Aug 2006, 09:16
It has happened again. The BBC are reporting that protestors from Trident Ploughshares group have got onto another C130 at PIK. So that's the third breach of perimeter security at the same airport this week. Two is bad but THREE???? What the Hell's going on?

8th Aug 2006, 11:07
Security issues aside, one can't help but wonder what Trident Ploughshares hope to achieve by doing this: they claim to be searching for evidence of bombs in transit, yet the airport has already publically stated in local press that such flights are no longer using Prestwick. Yes, they are achieving considerable media attention, but not much else, and that which they have achieved sems only to make Prestwick Airport look a bit silly. Their cause does not seem to be furthered much by these ridiculously thoughtless acts. Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes continue apace....:ugh:

8th Aug 2006, 11:52
"Yes, they are achieving considerable media attention, but not much else..."

They're clearly aware they're not going to shift Israeli strategic doctrine.

It's a public opinion exercise.

Media edits in the bits most likely to glue the most eyeballs to the screen.

People lap it up like thirsty puppies and come to heel.

Thus, they are achieving their goal.

Remember the Pallywood link?

8th Aug 2006, 12:29
yet the airport has already publically stated in local press that such flights are no longer using Prestwick:confused: that doesn't make sense

8th Aug 2006, 13:28
I wonder if this means that they might fix the big gap in the fence where Pow Burn emerges. You don't even have to get your feet wet to get inside the fence.

DX Wombat
8th Aug 2006, 15:12
Dick Fisher:
Have you ever sat down and thought about how difficult it is to guard the perimeter fence of an airfield in total safety?

You cannot stop someone with a decent pair of boltcroppers from getting through the fence but what you CAN do is stop them getting somewhere IMPORTANT. Leeds Bradford Airport has an interesting solution to this problem along parts of the perimeter fence most accessible to the general public - GORSE! Lots and lots of very prickly gorse shrubs. :E :E :E A nice deep layer of them between the chain link fence and the runway seems to discourage unwanted visitors and it looks and smells good too. :ok: It has also provided at least one pilot of my aquaintance with some great entertainment - but I'll let him tell you about that. Seriously though, it is a very effective barrier and what is more it is cheap to install and run. Would you like to try to penetrate a thick gorse hedge? :ooh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :{

8th Aug 2006, 18:36
Would you like to try to penetrate a thick gorse hedge? :ooh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :{
Get her to shave.

8th Aug 2006, 19:47
So if the protesters are already in the cargo bay - shut the doors.

The transit would be chilly but there would be a warm welcome at their destination :rolleyes:

And those who damaged the C-40 at EINN were acquitted by the jury - having aborted two previous trials by accusing the judges of bias.

green granite
8th Aug 2006, 20:06
The BBC said that one of them was found in the cockpit, reading a manual !! :eek:

What a sick [email protected] !!
Probably going to try and fly it to Iran or somewhere

9th Aug 2006, 05:57
Should we really be talking about having these protesters shot or attacked with dogs? However embarrassing or annoying, lets remember they have done minimal, if any, damage and have not inflicted any violence. I'm only surprised no-one suggested bulldozing their homes. Perhaps some contributors would feel more at home in Burma or North Korea?

Incidentally despite the word "alleged" in the opening post, these are actual bombs. And, deliberately targeted or not, hundreds of civilians have been killed by them. Many people around the world are unhappy with this. On a purely practical level, we must realise that if aviation interests become involved in conflicts like this, we WILL have protest to deal with.

9th Aug 2006, 08:26
The sandal wearers got in again last night, that's now 4 nights in a row. Inbounds forced to hold. Beardies 4 Cops 0. Cops should now accept defeat and let the beardies into the next round where they come up against gun toting guards with strict instructions not to allow illegal boarding of aircraft :D Not only is it an embarrassment, I believe it's now a safety issue at PIK.

9th Aug 2006, 08:59
Beeb reported Monday night further arrests after a 3rd intrusion to a USAF C130.

Whats more concerning is that PIK is classified as one of those airports suited for handling the explosive or high DGR air freight charters.

Flying Lawyer
9th Aug 2006, 09:38
Could it be that security at Prestwick is reasonable for normal purposes and has only become an issue because a civvy airport is being used by another country for transporting bombs in what, regardless of views on the conflict itself, are controversial circumstances?

Justifiably or not, the Israeli government decided Beirut airport was a legitimate target. If American bombs being sent to Israel to be dropped on Lebanon are allowed to pass through a UK airport, would it be surprising if (again justifiably or not) Hezbollah considered that the airport was a legitimate target? Is it reasonable to subject British civilians to the risk just because our ally has chosen to support one side in the conflict?

Is the solution to upgrade security at our civvy airports to military levels, or to route such flights through military bases?

Either leaves open bigger question:

If the British government (as distinct from the Prime Minister personally) wishes to be seen as neutral and even handed in this conflict, should we allow either side to be supplied with bombs via the UK?

My impression is that the overwhelming majority feeling in the country on both sides of the party political divide is that we should have joined the worldwide (excl UK and USA)calls for an immediate ceasefire. If that impression is correct, then it may be that many people who aren't remotely "sandal-wearers" sympathise with the protesters' views even if they disapprove of their actions.

9th Aug 2006, 19:48

surely not
9th Aug 2006, 20:57
what amazes me about this thread is that those of the neanderthug persuasion are gulping down everything the press comes out with. When ever the press attacks anyone on their side of the argument we are all advised not to believe anything the press writes as it is left wing trash :ugh: :ugh: :}

So do I take it that the right to peacefully disagree with the actions of the government is seen as a bad thing? These people haven't killed anyone, destroyed any buildings, told the inhabitants of Prestwick to leave in 24 hrs before they start bombing them. All they have done is stage a publicity seeking protest about a war which many people who wear boots, sandles, brogues, trainers etc feel is out of control and disproportionate to the circumstances.

I don't agree that the method they have chosen to make their protest is correct, and it is right they are arrested and put through the courts, but I am very happy that this kind of event can take place in UK as it shows we are not a totalitarian state.............................yet.

9th Aug 2006, 21:13
surely not...

I've had quite a bit of contact with the sort of folks staging the current demonstrations at Prestwick. I've also rubbed shoulders and dined with anti-globalization demonstrator types.

It'll be some time before I forget the glow on the face of, and obvious sense of pride exuding from a fellow trying to chat me up in an airport as he described smashing shop windows in Geneva during a G7 (or was it 8?) conference being held in nearby Evian.

The overweaning self-virtue of this sort of person offends me. It's a trait that also makes itself known on the other end of the political spectrum.

That being said, I'm firmly committed to there being a broad diversity of views in a democratic society.

There are exceptions of course. Animal rights activists trying to interfere with my dinner...

9th Aug 2006, 22:05
As some famous old bloke once said "I might not agree with what you are saying, but I'd die to protect your right to say it"

In this country there are many legitimate means of protest that can achieve good media coverage without breaking the law, in fact they are legally protected. Surely one of these means would be preferable to putting the lives of others at risk by breaking in to an airport and illegally entering property?

I have to wander what might happen if an alert armed police officer were to mistake one of the intruders for something more sinister and put an end to his/her protesting permanently with 110 grains of lead at 1000 fps? I'm sure the officer would quite quickly find themselves hung out to dry!

Or perhaps if one of them managed to get to an active runway. I'm fairly sure 12 stone of bone and sinew would make a nasty mess on the underside of a landing jet! The natural reaction of a pilot confronted with a situation like that would be to attempt to avoid the collision, if nothing else the blood might decrease the braking effectiveness!

I suppose what I'm saying is that by all means make your voice heard, but not in a manner that is likely to endanger the lives and livelihoods of others!

And yes I am fully aware that they are protesting against the alleged ongoing shipment of "precision" guided munitions to Israel which might ultimately kill civilians, but two wrongs do not make a right!

9th Aug 2006, 22:12
Bolted, door, stable, horse, shut come to mind.
I'm sure the initial flights WERE what was suspected, but since then I doubt whether a single bullet destined for Israel has transitted through Prestwick.

brain fade
10th Aug 2006, 11:31
These bullets are not destined for Israel. Although the invoices are.

10th Aug 2006, 13:07
The fact that PWK isn't being used any more isn't evidence that the protests were mis-targeted. Rather, it shows that they have been effective!

And if a police officer were to shoot dead a person purely for infringeing airport bye-laws on a non-violent protest, however misguided, yes I WOULD certainly expect him to face the legal consequences.

surely not
15th Aug 2006, 19:15
Being a Pedant for a moment.....PIK is the 3 letter code for Prestwick

15th Aug 2006, 19:18
Being a Pedant for a moment.....PIK is the 3 letter code for Prestwick
Also in Denmark? :E