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Two's in
5th Aug 2006, 15:10
A proud moment for cyling:

"Floyd Landis was fired by his team and the Tour de France no longer considered him its champion Saturday after his second doping sample tested positive for higher-than-allowed levels of testosterone.

The head of France's anti-doping commission said the samples contained synthetic testosterone, indicating that it came from an outside source."

No Mate!
5th Aug 2006, 15:16
Stupid idiot.

5th Aug 2006, 15:26
I have to say Landis's phenominal performance 24 hours after he so spectacularly "bonked" on the first day in the Alps was bound to raise suspicions. I honestly thought he would abandon the Tour, instead he blows the field away..hmmm
Somehow the Cycling authorities are going to have to sort this nonsense out before it kills the sport, My youngster is mad on the sport, follows the Tour in minute detail and wants a road bike next Xmas, but who wants their kids getting into the sport with this nonsense going on, certainly sponsers are going to be very wary of putting money into teams when there is the possibilty of this sort of bad publicity being attached to their name.
There has always been the excuse that the Grand Tours ( La Vuelta, the Giro and especially The Tour de France) are so physically hard it is just about impossible to get round, let alone get on the podium, without using stimulants......perhaps it's time for the Grand Tours to be axed, or at least radically altered?

5th Aug 2006, 16:00
So he got testosterone in him from 'an outside source!'

I don't like to ask, perhaps it's the lycra that does it!! :p

5th Aug 2006, 16:29
I have never been an athlete. I ski a bit, used to jump (actually the horse jumped; I just sat there, most of the time), used to shoot a rifle.

Having a daughter of pursuable age and qualities, I meet a fair number of young chaps in pursuit, and fine young fellows they appear to be.

One candidate is pretty good at the ice hockey, but has also recently acquired the MBA plus great job with even better prospects. Nice fellow, too. We can forget the hockey with him.

He tells me of this and that, I listen and learn. In his high school days, not far distant, he was on the school hockey team, and hockey is evidently a popular way to fame and fortune. Get "drafted", have reasonable luck, and collect crock of gold as you pass the end of the rainbow. All the "kids" are "into" this.

Quite casually he mentioned that "coach" hands out the "uppers" and "downers" on "the bus" as the needs of the moment dictate. Really? said I. Oh Sure! said he. Here he and I are talking of a high school coach.

Since I started to type this I have had a visit from my computer man, middle-aged, around 6' 4", and big with it. He is a huge guy. Immense shoulders. Part Indian (Oh very well, "First Nation").

I paused in this little task and told him what I was writing. Oh Yes! he chimes in, his nephew has recently been drafted for the ****** ******** ****, good hockey player, 6' 5" or 6' 6", tall but skinny.

No! Belay that! Not skinny any more. Over the past couple of years he has "bulked up" greatly, so that my chap is by comparison the 97 lb weakling who used to feature in the Charles Atlas ads. The nephew works out, but "there is no way" the hams he now has for biceps came without assistance. "Everyone does it".

I am led to conclude that either the pedal-cycling and the track sprinting are unique oases of moral purity, or this taradiddle about the steroids is total hypocrisy.

5th Aug 2006, 16:39
They don't take drugs in the Avon Descent unless it's an aspirin to deaden the pain :E

5th Aug 2006, 16:44
I suspect though that even without the aid of anything, Mr. Landis could still do far, far better than any of us even were we to be hopped up to the eyeballs.

For instance; he'd finish :cool:

Howard Hughes
5th Aug 2006, 22:37
Anyone who thinks that drug use in sport is not widespread is deluding themselves!

There are so many sports that without drugs you just don't make it to the top anymore. It is no longer possible to be succesful without chemical enhancement, good genes are no longer enough! The sooner drugs are legalised in sport and medically controlled, the better off athletes long term health prospects will be.

As a former gym instructor at a regular suburban gym (nothing fancy and no elite athletes), I would say that around 60-70% of our male members were on some sort of enhancement program. With a list of banned substances that is so extensive it would be nigh on impossible to find anyone who has not taken something on the banned list, does this make them all drug cheats?

Of course where the real problem lies, is in the testing. They only really test for elevated hormone levels and blockers (used to mask the drugs), they don't test for individual drugs and with so many on the market it would be almost impossible!
The limited testing means that atheletes and drug companies are normally one step ahead of the testors, even when testing is available they are often unable to pick up the tested drug days after they have been used, so really what is the point? You would have to be very reckless (or unlucky as in Floyd's case) to get caught in the first place.

The only way to have an even playing field in sport is to legalise the use!!

As an example a halftime pain killer is a common occurence in many contact sports, how is this any different to taking a performance enhancing drugs during training? From my limited knowledge, I believe the chemical process being used is almost the same!

Anyway, I am Howard hughes and that's my two cents!:ok:

6th Aug 2006, 11:04
As a former gym instructor at a regular suburban gym (nothing fancy and no elite athletes), I would say that around 60-70% of our male members were on some sort of enhancement program.

Did they grow breasts?

tony draper
6th Aug 2006, 11:20
Perhaps the Pharmasutical industry could be persuaded to be forthcoming with all the sponsership coin for these London Olympics.