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3rd Aug 2006, 23:16
How about this in your back garden.
It would certainly be one up on the neighbours garden gnomes!
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Decommissioned-Navy-Sea-Harrier-Jump-Jet-Aircraft_W0QQitemZ300012997602QQihZ020QQcategoryZ32635QQrdZ1 QQcmdZViewItem

Thanks G-CPTN.
Now sorted.

3rd Aug 2006, 23:28
Two many http://s 419

3rd Aug 2006, 23:46
"This aircraft has been fully decommissioned and comes without engines and weaponry and is therefore for display purposes only."

Useless for settling questions of sports team rivalry, drunken thuggery and general hooliganism, then. What's the point?

4th Aug 2006, 03:19
:E "This aircraft has been fully decommissioned and comes without engines and weaponry and is therefore for display purposes only."

You don't know my ex-chief of maintenance. Give him a couple of million dollars and you and I could be flying that thing in a couple of months.

The man can work miracles. Once in South America when we in the 72,,,,,,,,,,,,well, that's another story, thread drift you know.

Sorry to ramble, but just had a great dinner, with even better wine and am now having me B&B.

(Please pay no attention to any post from me tonight.:E )

4th Aug 2006, 03:59
B&B? That stuff'll give ya a belly ache. Now Drambuie....:E

4th Aug 2006, 08:43
AerBloke and I were visiting my parents a few months ago. We were in the process of house-hunting and I was flicking through a book called "Ornament in the Small Garden". AerBloke was politely looking over my shoulder, pretending to be interested. Suddenly he became very animated and pointed out a photo of an immaculate lawn with a highly polished metal wing tip in it.

Being an airframes and engines man himself, he's considering building one ...

4th Aug 2006, 09:50
Then there's the English Electric Lightning that Jeremy Clarkson had (or still has?) in his front garden.

tony draper
4th Aug 2006, 10:35
When I used to drive up to the Norhumberland coast we use to pass pass a house with a rather overgrown garden in which a sad looking Vampire Jet sat, always meant to stop and enquire after same,but tiz one of those things one was always going to do next time one passed.
Was given a huge chunk of masonary from a medieval Abbey once,(Hexham) covered with the chisel work of some long dead medieval mason,carved scrolls bunches of grapes ect it sat in me cellar for years untill Sis clapped eyes on it and lit up,it now adornes her garden down in Gloucester,one understands such relics command large sums at fashionable garden centers and such.

Erwin Schroedinger
4th Aug 2006, 10:37
Harrier's aren't all they're jumped up to be.

4th Aug 2006, 10:38
Well, that one's certainly not. It's got no engine!

tony draper
4th Aug 2006, 10:50
There was Phantom up for grabs on Ebay a while back,now there's a craft that would grace any back garden,always thought the Harrier was a ugly looking critter,to me it looks like a Basking Shark swimming along with its gob open,prolly good for keeping hens in or make a good pigeon cree though.
PS The Harrier is a beauty Queen compared to that new bloody Typhoon though.