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3rd Aug 2006, 10:47
I was surprised to see an edition of the BBC Panorama programme aired last night (Wednesday). Unbfortunately the subject matter made me hold my head in my hands with despair and shame.

Sure there are no doubt the usual exaggerations of these kind of media reporting but alas the substance of what they were reporting was more than evident for all to see and hear. Is this what we've become after having such a head start over the world in terms of British culture, tolerance, education, depth of social fabric, etc.... We throw it all away (piss it all away) and show our asses like this to the rest of the world, such experiences are truely a bad advert for the vast majority of us especially in the eyes of jolly foreigner.

I even heard numerous so called ex-hooligans (well that's okay then ....) almost justify the reasons for such behaviour. Well why doesn't the rest of the country fit into your convienent theories then? If football hooliganism is in the blood and unable to leave your system then why do you claim to be an ex-hooligan then. This filth even turned on it's own countrymen what kind of sh1t is that, would the British army ever turn on another British regiment even thought they were rivals. If they love fighting so much and reckon they're "well 'ard" then why not join the REAL fight overseas where people far better than them are engaging an enemy every day whilst their comrades fall in battle and you know what they quietly get on with their duty.

I know third class crap when I see it. These people are a menace and will assault anyone to any degree, forget just the innocent bloke passing by they'd do any young kid, female, the elderly makes me sick. Maybe we could 'auction' these sh1ts off to any country in the world that needs slave labour and then we'll see how mouthy they are.

3rd Aug 2006, 12:47
would the British army ever turn on another British regiment even thought they were rivalstechnically, according to the script of "When the Booat Coomes In" at least, there were people who fought side by side in WWI who later fought against each other in Northern Ireland...or at least over it. :8

3rd Aug 2006, 13:29
There were nowt like a good scrap in the NAAFI between regiments,made the night go quicker!:ok:

3rd Aug 2006, 14:17
Brits fighting and otherwise being beastly to each other? Ever been stationed with the Kosbies?

3rd Aug 2006, 14:20
RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands 1988, the NAAFI halfway down Tumbledown Road. Resident Army Regiment (forget who they were but were probably from 'oop north - Northumberland Fusiliers??) and the crew from the submarine permanently lurking.

Big, big, big fight breaks out after a few beers. We came across it while walking back from the mess to our accommodation. We could hear the commotion way, way up the corridor (for those who aren't aware the whole complex at MP is linked by corridors miles long) and when we got there the fight had stopped but there was a sea of broken glass and blood. It looked like world war 3 had broken out.

3rd Aug 2006, 15:21
In the UK a lot of hooligans fight away from football grounds at predetermined meets. Innocent people aren't involved and don't even see what happens.

If like minded people want to do this.. are we in a position to critisise?

3rd Aug 2006, 15:34
I was at the world cup for 2 weeks and toured most of Germany, I have previously lived there and developed a great deal of repect for the german people, they are cultured, hospitable, very friendly, clean, there is very little crime indeed, the beer and food are unrivalled,
I must admit I saw very little violence at the world cup, but why do British people have this thought that the Germans are our enemy, the Germans certainly consider themselves friends.

If there would have been any trouble at the world cup, the perpertrators would have got absolutly nailed immediatly, the Germans were very prepared.

As for the filth that use the great game of football as a forum in which to exercise their criminality, they are scum, and we need to use them to clear minefiels.

No Mate!
3rd Aug 2006, 15:36
Crease - Great Lads!

3rd Aug 2006, 15:59
The Tv commenators seem to know all the Mr. fix-its and Mr. Crimninal leader, etc so if the media people can do this why can't the police? They are there to protect us first and foremost but as always the police have a reason why they can't go in and get these guys. They pass through airports, seaports, car hire offices, hotel receptions, etc and yet nothing is done. At least 'pick up' a fraction of these guys, otherwise people get HURT, property vandalised, etc. Society doesn't and shouldn't tolerate these people they need to learn the simple rule (that they clearly missed whilst traunting from school) ... responsible for your own actions = pay your own way

3rd Aug 2006, 16:13
Because I'm a little baffled... I've got a question... I'd really like to understand this...

Here in the States ~ where I feel confident saying that there's more social violence overall (especially firearms) than in the UK ~ violence at or related to sporting events is very rare.

I've been to over 200 baseball games in my life, all over the country, attended by many thousands of people of all economic strata, etc, and never experienced anything like the sort of thing you folks are describing here.

Even when long-term historical rivals such as Boston-NY play (the most vicious rivalry in American sport) the chants of "Boston sucks, Boston sucks," are largely symbollic and 55,000 people have a few beers, eat a few hot dogs and have a good time.

Last night I went to a game, NY Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays, here in NY. Before games the national anthems are always played. Everyone stood, hats off, quiet, respectfully for Oh, Canada. The Canadians sitting next to us sang and tried to teach me the words. There were lots of Canadians in the stadium and over 54,000 people in total. We all had a good time.


Where do you think the sort of anger that fuels the kind of behavior you're speaking of comes from in UK society? From what source does this fury originate?

3rd Aug 2006, 16:21
The sport part is just a catalyst, something to rally around and take sides over.

3rd Aug 2006, 16:25
I do see that A...argh. I'm wondering what the true source of the rage is.

Can anyone enlighten me? I'd really like to know, as it's been talked about on so many threads in which people who square off against each other about, let's say, politics are in full agreement.

Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Aug 2006, 16:28
I'd like to see them mix it with a Zulu impi in 2010.

Isandhlwana, anyone...?

tony draper
3rd Aug 2006, 16:53
The Zulu matter not a jot,
for we have the Maxim gun
and they have not.

3rd Aug 2006, 17:38

How really excellent to see within these hallowed pages, albeit with a little poetic licence, (not Zulus but Fuzzy Wuzzys-Omdurman 1898), due respect given to the words of Hilaire Belloc, a Frenchman, born in France of a French father; a man who did not become a naturalised Britisher until around 1885 and then only in order to enter the political world of that nation.;)

3rd Aug 2006, 17:51
Could you grace us with your humble and unbiased opinion Tony ....

No Mate!
3rd Aug 2006, 17:52
I love hooligans

3rd Aug 2006, 18:20
I do see that A...argh. I'm wondering what the true source of the rage is.

It's not really rage - more an issue of very low intellect coupled with alcohol.

3rd Aug 2006, 20:23
AcroChik the true source of the rage is that the Blue Jays starting pitchers can't win a game (apart from the Doc, that is) and the relief pitchers give up more runs and can't keep the Jays in the game...speaking purely as a Jays fan, that is. :ugh:
I've been to an Islanders-Rangers game on the Island and have seen a few beer-fuelled punches thrown, but nothing resembling the mindless violence football (ie soccer) 'fans' indulge in.

3rd Aug 2006, 20:31
the relief pitchers give up more runs and can't keep the Jays in the game...

Those lead-off walks come back to haunt. But hey, they've made some smart trades, have four .300 hitters, and are in third place. Maybe next year :p


As an aside, a guy took me to an Islanders-Rangers game during high school. No doubt they're great athletes, but I really didn't see the point. Of the guy either. He's in the "I don't wonder what they're doing now," catagory, too.