View Full Version : Who would you like to take to Miami?

3rd Aug 2006, 03:51
anyone, any (legal) age, any gender because what goes on in Miami is a beach.

I can't actually think of anyone at the moment, but I hear it's quite nice there.

3rd Aug 2006, 04:34
It's okay, nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. However, there is a lot of really good restaurants in the Miami area.

3rd Aug 2006, 06:53
I'd like to take Fidel and then stand really, really far away from him.

3rd Aug 2006, 11:19
Is it expensive?

Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Aug 2006, 11:51
Carl Hiaasen and Jimmy Buffet.

We'd get ratarsed on cheap rum and stagger along the beachfront puking on sports cars before setting fire to them......

3rd Aug 2006, 12:42
So, Carl Hiassen, Jimmy Buffet AND Edward Abbey then?

3rd Aug 2006, 12:47
I'd take a Spanish interpreter - then I might have a sporting chance of getting a cab driver to understand where I want to go........:ugh:

3rd Aug 2006, 12:51
:} I'd take Will Smith......ah no, he's already been.

3rd Aug 2006, 12:51
I'd take a Spanish interpreter - then I might have a sporting chance of getting a cab driver to understand where I want to go........:ugh:
I'll tell you where to go...and you won't even need a map or interpreter! hee hee.

I'd like a personal waiter and bartender...that's all I'll need!:ok:


Very funny Farrell!

3rd Aug 2006, 13:11
Best place to stay in Miami is Delano's. Nice rooms. The high-ceilinged, multi-room, lobby-lounge-bar goes right through the building toward the sea. Diaphonous curtains separating the spaces billow in the gentle breeze. You descend through a tiered garden of tropical plants and decorative pools toward the beachside bar where a shellfish buffet awaits. High-density, high-powered celeb spotting. And all before you go out to dinner.

Cuban-influenced cuisine has been raised to a high art in Miami. Nightclubs have been also.

When you manage to drag yourself out of bed the next morning (okay, afternoon) brunch at the News Cafe. Wow, look at all the high quality cosmetic surgery parading past in the sunshine ~ on both men and women!

Serious fun's expensive in Miami. I like it. But its a lifestyle that would kill me in a month.

I'd take my fiance (and have).

3rd Aug 2006, 13:34
Anyone as long as it's female sexy and goes like a bunny.:E

3rd Aug 2006, 13:56
Anyone as long as it's female sexy and goes like a bunny. :confused: I always thought that "going like a bunny" invariably mean't that the bunny in question was called Jack - the other bunny merely enduring the onslaught...?! :} I've nothing against anyone just laying back and enjoying it though. ;) Anyway, what do I know - I've read Carl Hiassen and some of the characters you get out there in FL can get pretty weird...n'est ce pas?!

3rd Aug 2006, 17:10
Sending the wife and her girl friend from the UK to Miami in October for a girlie weekend away. They are staying at Delano's too AcroChik, I am expecting a largish bill by the end of their stay :hmm:


3rd Aug 2006, 17:26
Martini at Delano's? $15.00.

3rd Aug 2006, 17:32
Martini at Delano's? $15.00.
That's a normal price here at the local bar! DOH! :ugh:

3rd Aug 2006, 17:37
Hope it's a nice spot and it's Bombay gin.

Disclosure: I don't drink.

3rd Aug 2006, 17:42
Actually, I don't drink the stuff either, but if I did I'd stop because of the cost!


3rd Aug 2006, 17:47
She does not drink martinis - at least she won't that weekend:E


3rd Aug 2006, 19:38
Head North to Fort Pierce and Vero Beach - Florida's "Party Towns" :}

3rd Aug 2006, 19:41
More of the "spring break," "drink til' you're sick," "wha'd I do last night" variety, there.

3rd Aug 2006, 20:09
I'd take my fiance (and have).:{ :{ :{ :{ :{

El Grifo
3rd Aug 2006, 20:44
I found the food to be totally pre-packaged thawed out, freezer fare. Even the Chinese restaurants provide Chinese Buffet. Kinda defeats the idea of freshly "wokked" noodles, hissing and spitting into your bowl.

The only fresh food I encountered was in a small indian restaurant off the main drag. I made this point to the owner, who replied saying that I was not the first Brit to have passed this comment.

As for the steaks, I have a sneaking suspicion that they largley consist of re-constitued meat.

Mind you "dressing for dinner" takes a whole new meaning there. The air conditioning is so OTT you need to bring a long yer soddin' anorak.

Naw, keep it. I prefer real food, as opposed to plastic.


3rd Aug 2006, 22:52
Naw, keep it. I prefer real food, as opposed to plastic.Do you prefer leather to PVC too?:} :E


El Grifo
3rd Aug 2006, 23:05
Depends amigo !!

Am I sitting on it or is she wearing it !!!

:8 :mad: :8