View Full Version : Happy Yorkshire Day

1st Aug 2006, 15:31
Happy Yorkshire Day! What are you doing to celebrate?:}

1st Aug 2006, 15:33
I shall go aht b'aht t'at

1st Aug 2006, 15:34
I shall go aht baht 'at

tony draper
1st Aug 2006, 15:46
Recent geneologcal research has revealed one's ancestry hailed from Yorkshire, but they managed to escape before the borders were closed,anyway happy Yorkshire Day.:rolleyes:

Farmer 1
1st Aug 2006, 16:34
I shall go aht baht 'atYou 'ave an 'at? Luxury!

None of the above
1st Aug 2006, 17:36
As a mate (Yorkshireman) once told me........

"You can always tell a Yorkshireman, but you can't tell him much".

1st Aug 2006, 18:11
Not often you see the words 'happy and 'Yorkshire' in the same sentance is it.