View Full Version : Blair's Gameshow/Reality TV UK

1st Aug 2006, 11:38
Dear oh, dear oh, dear....

The man just can't stop can he.... Here he is again for another 'free' photo opportunity with California Governor Arnie whilst heralding it as some kind of inspirational breakthrough on the environment. What on earth does Arnie know about the Environment, this guy got voted into office on zero policy other than his infamous line "just trust me", we can all say that sunshine. Does bozzo the clown (aka Blair) actually believe that the 2 economies are similiar or even tangential at any point? They face very different challenges in separate regions of the world and as a consequence there can be little effective cooperation. The UK's needs and general makeup differs from the aspirations, mindsets and capability of California so this is an arrangement that holds little content or merit (usual New Labour stuff). It's further evident in the stupid mission statement "share experiences" and "finding new solutions", what's all that about? Arnie scanning his sunset pictures and emailing them to Tony. Sharing experiences on what, how to get a free Whopper meal if you go before 4.00pm to the local BK? More single brain cell politics.

I thought it was just the supermarket foods that induced artificial ingredients into the populus not the politicians but as always Blair knows how to dumb down the whole thing.

On a serious note if this fool really wanted a 'partner' for his dellusional, unacheivable and 'only here for the voters' environmental pursuit then he could have twinned 2 major cities together instead the UK and a pseudo country like California. He could have twinned London with New York seeing that are joined at the hip in so many other regards but alas Tony realises he's not welcome there just like Bush so ... no photo opportunity.