View Full Version : Where does Jerrich live?

1st Aug 2006, 10:03
Without wishing to compromise your security - and I do appreciate that there are number of people who would like to catch up with you -

Give us a lat/long so we can Google Earth down on your new place and see you with it all hanging out!


Buster Hyman
1st Aug 2006, 10:35
Yes...the Global Hawk is having trouble getting a fix!

1st Aug 2006, 11:24
How 'bout you give us yours first, Barkly... :E

1st Aug 2006, 11:38
Ive already given mine.

Google earth is out a bit but, it doesnt line up with where my GPS says I live.:sad::sad:

1st Aug 2006, 12:06
You would have thought they could agree on Western Australia.

I'd buy a new GPS if I were you :(

1st Aug 2006, 12:37
Ok, its out by about 1Kilometer to the North.

At least the Scud wont get me with a direct hit, but a nuke may be a worry:E:E:E

Someone has moved the smilies again:sad:

1st Aug 2006, 13:52
Hmmmm, lat and long? Me no think so.

Why are these people wanting to catch up with me? You think there isn't a reason I left Australia then the UK? :ooh:

1st Aug 2006, 14:10
Here's me house


Yes, that is a shit load of snow.

(Edited coz you bastards ain't getting my postal address :p )

Standard Noise
1st Aug 2006, 14:14
They make you live in a little grey box at the side of the road!? Don't they have council housing in the frozen wastelands?:}

Edited to say - bloody hell mate, someone's nicked your little grey box, you're homeless. Let's have a whip round!

1st Aug 2006, 14:18
Is that the laser-guided illuminator?

1st Aug 2006, 14:50
According to G.E. that's the only patch of snow in Canada. Did they leave you till last to clear it?

Bern Oulli
1st Aug 2006, 15:35
That'd be Grassmere Road then?

1st Aug 2006, 17:27
Very clever Mr Oulli. ;)

As to the only patch of snow, I have no clue as to why. Mebbe they took it when the MIL was in residence, the cold hearted bitch.

1st Aug 2006, 17:28
Armed with the information (inadvertantly?) provided, if the residence was in Denmark, anyone would be able to determine the telephone number and the name(s) of all the residents.

1st Aug 2006, 17:47
Yes i'm sure someone could....but then they would probably have to kill you. :sad:

1st Aug 2006, 17:48
Only visitors bearing tidings of beer are welcome ;)

1st Aug 2006, 18:46
You would have thought they could agree on Western Australia.Even the Surveyors General can't agree:

The border that runs along the eastern edge of Western Australia is not actually one continuous straight line.

The survey of the W.A. border was first discussed in 1911, but it wasn't until 1922 that an agreement was signed between ... blah blah... the agreement required that the boundary be defined by lines running north and south from independently fixed points at Deakin and Argyle.

When survey work began on the South Australia - Northern Territory border in 1963, it was quickly realised that the earlier agreement precluded the possibility of these lines meeting exactly.

Precise survey methods confirmed this, and in June 1968, two monuments - approximately 127 metres apart - were erected at the junction of the boundaries. One interesting piece of trivia is that fewer people have visited this site than have been to the South Pole.

2nd Aug 2006, 00:34

3rd house back from corner - opposite cricket pitch.