View Full Version : I'm RICH - why do I need a loan?

1st Aug 2006, 08:58
Over the past week or so I have been informed that I have one several lottories all of which I didn't realise I had entered. But hey, whose complaining. The major problem I had with this was the different currencies I won so I didn't know exactly how much I was suddenly worth, but so you are aware this is what I am looking at;

1 Million euros (twice)
1.2 Million Pounds
1.8 Trillion Nigerian dollars
80 Canadian Dollars
100, 000 US Dollars
And a readers digest watch.

So as you can all see I am worth quite a bunch right now. Oh one small point, I just have to collect the cash from the relevant agencies subject to some small up-front no-doubt legitimate fee.

My question is this, why now am I receiving emails that I have a home loan approved at 4.5%? I will shortly be paying cash for any house I might desire, but should I pay cash or take the loan option?
Oh the pain. Help fellow ppruners.

green granite
1st Aug 2006, 09:24
Change your E-Mail address? :) I must admit I use dispoable addresses for giving to any site that might generate Spam, and just abandon them. My main 2 address I keep for reasonably trustworhy sites. :ok:

1st Aug 2006, 10:55
Have you got a good spam filter set up? Sounds as if you need to re-look at the security settings on your browser as well. Mozilla Firefox seems to be pretty good at catching spam.
:ok: M