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Bob Murphie
1st Aug 2006, 06:54
Bragging rights.

My sixth Grandchild, a boy, at 6.05 this morning.I am not the Author of the following, but would love to meet him.

Welcome, My Grandson (Australian :) Vietnam Vet).

Welcome, my grandson. Youíve arrived at just the time our world needs the hope of the newly born. I saw you just hours ago and already you bring tears of joy to my old and weary eyes.
I know the road ahead will be filled with times of great joy, times of great sadness. I apologize for the condition of things as you enter into this journey.
I promise you and your brother and sister, I will try to make changes before I leave. I look forward to you joining the struggle before I leave.
The world is dangerous right now, little one. I guess it always has been. But donít let fear rule your life. Let your heart lead you to what is right, just and peaceful.
Donít let the old men and sometimes, women, send you off with murder and hatred in your heart. Challenge the thinking of those who talk of violence to solve the problems we face in our world.
Let your eyes look at the great diverse world of people we have here in this world. Be joyful in seeing others as different and unique. Learn from them as much as you can. Take part of them into your heart and leave part of you in their heart.
Take time to look at the world. Smell the flowers. Climb the mountains. Sail the seas. Taste the snowflake on your tongue. Revel in the glory of all the nature weíre blessed with .
Donít believe thereís joy in consuming without purpose. Find the indigenous people of our world and listen to their ways of communing with all we see, hear, touch and taste. Find the path of your heart. Donít allow material things to be your wealth.
Look at your body, young one. See the miracle of it. Donít be ashamed of it but marvel at all you can do. Honor it and honor all who may cross your path. Honor the beauty of woman and man.
Look at women and honor their beauty but also their minds and courage. Learn from them. They have great wisdom. They bring joy of life to reality. They understand the need for peace. They grieve loss of children once held in their womb.
Learn from mistakes. Donít fear making them. Be able to apologize. Be able to commend. Be able to accept kindness sent your way. Be able to forgive.
Donít allow borders to separate you from brothers and sisters in your world. Connection with people is real. Borders are fantasies of cruel minds.
Donít believe yours is the only way. Learn the many ways. Yours is not the only song or the only language. Listen to the chorus and hear the words.
Family extends beyond your blood. Family is all of us. Donít miss out on the joy of it. Play and laugh and take joy, my little one. Youíre loved.
Allow yourself to hope, to dream and have idealism. Donít let others take them away from you. Dream of peace, dream of love, and dream of all the things you could be. Keep your dreams alive.
There are so many lessons, little one. Your life is new and we have great hope for you. You make our lives better in coming to us. You reaffirm life is precious and love is real. Welcome, my grandson.

Your Grandfather

1st Aug 2006, 08:03
Congratuliations! :D
Bet you will have lot's of fun carrying him around, playing with him, watch him grow... watch closely - they grow so fast! :\

1st Aug 2006, 09:14
Congratulations! Welcome little man.:D :ok:

1st Aug 2006, 10:13
Great stuff, well done. I got one in the oven for the next few months & I can't think of anything else - congratulations!