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30th Jul 2006, 21:56
I have just looked up the full text of that deathless ballad from, as I recall, 1955 or it may have been 1956: “Olé! I am a bandit, a bandit of Brazil”.

I suppose I never was given a fair crack of the whip, but however the truth, I never have been a bandit of Brazil. The fault may have lain in me alone. Could be. If I had really wanted to be a bandit of Brazil, I tell myself, I could have found a way. Better men have done it. I may sing, as I do at this very moment: “When I shoot I shoot to kill”, but I know that is not true and, Yes! I have come to accept that it never will be. Probably. Disappointing, though.

As the poet says: “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’”.

Perhaps others nourish similar vain longings.

tony draper
30th Jul 2006, 22:43
Nah,in 1955 most of us chaps just wanted to be train drivers.:rolleyes:

30th Jul 2006, 22:51
Nah,in 1955 most of us chaps just wanted to be train drivers.:rolleyes:

Some of us were. Hornby Dublo 2-6-2 Tank with two suburban carriages!!

Aaahh! Sardines on toast for tea, and Journey into Space on the Home Service!! :ok:

tony draper
30th Jul 2006, 23:17
You musta been posh I just had a wee tank engine three coal waggons, oh yes and guards van of course.
Actually one fancied going into Submarines when one grew up after watching Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea,until one found out our subs didnt have big round windows in the sides.

31st Jul 2006, 01:40
Journey into Space with Alfie Bass? Radio 7 just serialised that. 13 episodesw so there might still be a few to go...Jet Morgan and Operation Luna

31st Jul 2006, 06:00
David Kossoff played Lemmy in the first 2 series, with Alfie Bass taking the part in series 3 "Operation Luna" which was a remake of the first series. I used to love Journey Into Space and would never miss an episode if I could possibly help it.

31st Jul 2006, 06:22
Hmmmm - decided to look it up on Google and was very surprised to learn that David Jacobs played 24 different characters in the second series using English (plus cockney English), American, Australian, Irish, French, Welsh and Scottish accents.

A Far cry from "Juke Box Jury" methinks!

31st Jul 2006, 07:50
ORAC has had at the back of his mind a little project.....

I have acquired, on CD, a library of such radio series plus others such as Round the Horn, the Navy Lark etc.

It was my idea to acquire an old valve radio case, with push buttons, and replace the inards with a ITX PC with all the series on HDD. Something like a Bush DAC 90 (http://www.vintageampdoctor.co.uk/images/bush_dac_90_full.jpg), Each push button taking you to a different directory/series. (I have a reconditioned DAC 90 in my study already, lovely mellow tone. There are enough non-working ones around I won´t be wrecking an antique)

I am just wondering if it would be better to keep the dial and tuning mechanism as a nonfunction, display, or change the dial for an LCD display and the tuning knb to a scroll, push control for selecting tracks.

What do you think? or any other ideas?

(Sorry for hijacking the thread... :O )

Erwin Schroedinger
31st Jul 2006, 08:11
Unfulfilled Ambition

I have come to accept that it never will be.

If you're still alive and kicking, you have the means to make it happen.

My problem is, I ain't sure what "it" is! :(

31st Jul 2006, 08:28
My problem is, I ain't sure what "it" is!

Just subtract what "it" isn't, and you'll have the result.

The problem with unfulfilled ambitions, unrequited loves, unrobbed banks, etc., is that the abstract yearning which idealises them as challenges to conquer tends to be so uninformed and simplistic that it completely misses the point.

Better, I think, to reflect on the sweet innocence, long since ground into the gravel of life's road, that made such ideas seem wonderful at the time. Wallowing in this sort of sentimentality can be refreshing in the extreme, and it wears well.

In point of fact, I have learned to take great pleasure from things I have NOT done. This method of reverie has, for me, created marvels of economic efficiency and psychological contentment so great that the technique probably would be judged unlawful, if widely promulgated. I cannot count the number of adventure trips I have enjoyed not taking - waterskiing up the Limpopo was one from last week. The things that would have gone wrong there would fill a book; I have observed and experienced nearly all of them in brilliant detail from the relative safety of the porch swing. And then there's the little green-eyed Irish girl from several decades back. Really takes the breath away, sometimes, where that would have led. We try a different variation every chance I get.

31st Jul 2006, 08:33
So, what was, or is, her name, Davaar? Is this a tale of unrequited love....

Ole, I am a bandit, the Bandit of Brazil

I’m the quickest on the trigger, when I shoot I shoot to kill
I’m a hero down in Rio, where they talk about me still.

Once I robbed a big ranchero, who was rich beyond compare.
and to ransom held his daughter, she was young and she was fair.

Ole, I am a bandit, the Bandit of Brazil

She was sweet and she was tender, there was love light in her eyes,
In my arms she soon surrendered, very much to my surprise.

I refused her father’s ransom, and I kept the greater prize,
now at night we ride together ‘neath the blue Brazilian sky.

Adios to you, Amigo, Adios to you, my friend.......

Ole, O Cangachero, the Bandit of Brazil


Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, (Fade Out)

tony draper
31st Jul 2006, 08:34
Hmmm, surerlly practicing law means your ambition was at least half fulfilled Mr Davaar?, and a vist to Brazil could fullfill the other half.

31st Jul 2006, 09:29
Drapes wus right, though... I wanted to be a locomotive driver meself. Specifically, the Bombay-Pune Deccan Queen (http://www.irfca.org/~shankie/famoustrains/famtraindqn.htm) :)

Still wouldn't mind it...

31st Jul 2006, 09:56
Who was it then, the poet who once said
"How beautiful they are, the trains you miss"?
So time can't put an end to this
I have the memory instead
These nothing scenes are still experience
You even weep for what did not take place
Events that don't occur are still events
Some people vanish with a trace
Clive James & Pete Atkin - 'The magic wasn't there'

31st Jul 2006, 12:06
ORAC, you press too close. My lips are sealed.

31st Jul 2006, 23:19
There was one magazine advert I remember - it was for Rothmans, and was nothing more than an arm holding a cigarette whilst clasping the gearstick of a Maserati Khamsin. That arm had a big Omega watch (IIRC) and a bunch of gold braid on the jacket cuff, suggesting he was just driving home having conducted a BOAC VC10 from Hong Kong. I can't find that advert anywhere, maybe you remember it.
Anyway, from the age of about 10 to 16, that was the life I wanted.
Life took a completely different course, (as it does), and half way and a bit through life, it would be cheeky to suggest its too late to do whatever you want, if you want it bad enough. One day of course, and I see it in my dad now, you become not what you are, but what you were. that is not something I look forward to.