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29th Jul 2006, 19:40
Have been peddling their services down my road, and a few people have taken them on.

Why? What possible benefit is there to having your roof tiles cleaned with a pressure washer? I can see the possibility of a misdirected upward jet going under the tiles into the loft, but that's hardly a benefit!

They look decidedly odd - especially where one half of a semi's had it done and the other one hasn't.

29th Jul 2006, 21:14
What possible benefit is there to having your roof tiles cleaned with a pressure washer?
Provides employment for Roof Cleaners (and, as you say, probably creates problems in your loft space).
What about the water shortage?

29th Jul 2006, 21:41
It's a social thing. The Jones did it, so the reast followed. Soon you'll be the only one in your street who doesn't fit in.

green granite
29th Jul 2006, 21:49
Do they clear out all the sh*t that they've washed into the gutters? :hmm:

29th Jul 2006, 21:52
Presumably that is the job of the Gutter Cleaners.

Possibly the Roof Cleaner has a cousin who could help you out?

29th Jul 2006, 21:59
It all depends on why you have it done, and how good the company concerned is.

When I moved house a couple of years ago, The roof on the new place was in a terrible state. The tiles were covered in lichen, and very discoloured. The pointing around the top was falling out, and there were quite a few cracked tiles.

I decided to have it cleaned and repaired, rather than replaced.
First it was pressure washed . (not a drop came into the attic, despite there being very little felt on the inside. The damaged tiles and ridge tiles were replaced, (about 20) and the whole roof was then re-pointed.
The tiles were then coloured, and a sealant applied. The job wasn't cheap, it cost about £3000, but that was about 1/3 of the price of getting the roof replaced. It's a very large bungalow, with a 2 car garage as well.
It took 3 people 5 days to complete.

2 years later, it still looks like a new roof. Anything that gets on there
(Birdsh1t etc) just washes straight off.

And yes, they cleaned out all the gutters and downpipes, and the place was left cleaner than when they started.

29th Jul 2006, 23:40
The tiles were covered in lichenI thought you paid extra for a roof like that :confused: