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uffington sb
29th Jul 2006, 10:23
Any Ppruners no anything of the above. I've just had my summer gas bill and it was just over 100, in summer! I dread to think how much it's going to be this winter.
With the price of gas rocketing, I'm considering getting some solar panels installed to part heat the water, so any advice would be helpful.

Cheers :) :) :)

green granite
29th Jul 2006, 10:44
Yes they work but I believe you need a fair number to make it worth while
Try here (http://www.solar-home-technologies.co.uk/?gclid=CL_13JTUtoYCFRB2FQodsDN5Rg) for info

29th Jul 2006, 14:04
I have these black hosepipes which snake across the garden, and when I water the plants, I first have to clear the hose or I'll kill the plants. I know this because I realised I could get a warm shower from the hose and I tried it, but it was waaaaay too hot.

So yes there's a real potential there :8

but then again, I live in Texas :}

green granite
29th Jul 2006, 14:12
yep even the water coming ot of my hose which is on a drum is hot in the UK

29th Jul 2006, 14:25
I remember in 1976, leaving the garden hose stretched-out across the 'lawn' then using it to fill-up the paddling pool with HOT water (hand-held hoses WERE allowed!). Amazing!

29th Jul 2006, 14:47
Make one for less than £30.

Problem is when you really need it its frozen solid.

Unless you make it a bit more complicated and have a heat exchanger and run two seperate systems, one with anti freeze.

29th Jul 2006, 15:12
That's the trouble with solar heating and home-grown vegetables and fruit. When they're available you don't really need them. When you want them you can't have them.

Charlie Foxtrot India
30th Jul 2006, 05:37
Ours work great but we have sunshine here, you need that too.

Howard Hughes
30th Jul 2006, 05:52
If you want the best, you'll have to buy an Aussie made (http://www.solahart.com.au/) machine!:ok:
The Australian government also gives rebates to all those who install them, you might have trouble qualifying though.

Anway, don't you need sun for solar water heating...;)

30th Jul 2006, 06:00
Anway, don't you need sun for solar water heating...;)
THAT was the point of my p*st :{

Charlie Foxtrot India
30th Jul 2006, 09:13
We've got the Solar Panels linked in with the Aga for winter and a booster electric heater for those really cold and cloudy days. (a couple of times a year when it plummets to 5 degrees....!) Use it about one month of the year or if the Aga goes out :*

We don't have cosy airing cupboards though,the hot water tank sits on the roof next to the panels! :ooh:

30th Jul 2006, 09:14
The Australian government also gives rebates to all those who install them, you might have trouble qualifying though.
Anway, don't you need sun for solar water heating...;)

The British Gov also subsidises these sysytems.

And, you only need UV rays to make the systems work, not bright sunshine.

But with the UK being what it it's still very expensive here.:mad:

Howard Hughes
30th Jul 2006, 09:34
Let me rephrase that then, don't you need more hours of sunlight!!:hmm:

30th Jul 2006, 10:23
I'm going to be trying an experiment this August. I have one of those large easy up pools and I am going to try the following:

Get a radiator, paint it black.
Place in a box with a glass cover, silver foil and insulation behind.
Connect inlet to pool filter, outlet to pool.

Anyone else tried this? Any pitfalls or suggestions to improve efficiency?

Howard Hughes
30th Jul 2006, 10:27
You will need more than one radiator 'in series' to have any useful effect!!

Solar pool heating. (http://www.solazone.com.au/polysola.htm)

30th Jul 2006, 10:46
Let me rephrase that then, don't you need more hours of sunlight!!:hmm:

No, you just need more hours of daylight.:ok:

Bright sunshine will obviously be more effective but as long as there is daylight even total cloud cover will give an adequate supply of UV rays.

30th Jul 2006, 11:00
Modern ones are great but expensive. The payback at the moment is about eight years so you can make your judgment accordingly. I had it in one of my old places and it really did work. My summer oil consumpion was about sixty percent less. I visit the old place from time to time and they aren't sure if it is working. Still they haven't had it serviced.

30th Jul 2006, 15:25
About 20 yrs ago I helped build one in the UK it was two radiators painted black, each in an insulated frame covered in glass. We put a heat exchanger in the water system header tank (car radiator) and the panels on the roof of the garage. Because hot water rises the heated water rose to the radiator in the header tank where it gave up its heat to the water there. As hot water was used from the system the water in the header tank replaced it and as it was already quite hot it reduced our bills.

Whilst this isn't exactly efficient it is cheap to build and saves money on energy and the environment. Just one point, it's best to use a new car radiator as this is immersed in the water you are going to use.

Solar hot water will never be the cheapest option but it is the responsible one.

30th Jul 2006, 16:09
Why would anyone want to heat HOT water?

Don't you need to heat COLD water? :}

30th Jul 2006, 18:48
Well as I live in rented property, the replumbing of the house will have to wait until the Great Property Crash of 2007. Until then I will try and heat the kids pool with the radiators. I will let you all know how I get on with piccies.....unless of course, it is a dismal failure!

31st Jul 2006, 09:48
Probably better off just painting the bottom of the pool black. Cheaper too.