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28th Jul 2006, 12:37
Dear Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!,
:mad: Foundation is looking for part-time (2-3 hours/day) recruits.

1. What we need from you?
We need the responsible and punctual person who will be taking care of regional donations. "Taking care" means to make these donations reach the destination point as fast as possible. No delays. This is so because the donations are coming to a place where they are really needed this time. If donation is late, the charity action may not be performed at the proper time. That's why we require the punctuality from our applicants.
Self starter,quick study and have personal focus and drive.

2. How does it work?
You will be receiving tasks daily (in mornings) by e-mail. The task should be completed during the day. You shall dedicate 2-3 hours/day to complete it. If the task could not be completed this day you have to warn me 1 day before. The task will contain information on current donation passing through your hands. You will receive all details about where this donation is coming from, how to handle it, where it's going, and how to make the transfer of it.
No degrees needed.

3. Your salary and employment.
You will earn 7% from every donation you process. We also pay all the expenses and financial charges if such occur. We guarantee you will make $500 for the first week if you process all donations on time.
Excellent written communication skills required.

If you feel interested in this proposal, please reply to this email asking any questions or giving comments.wtf? so many questions here:

have they ever heard of the banking system?
are we talking about delivering money?
what kind of sums are we talking that they'll give a 7% commision?
do I get to sample the drugs?
will they provide me with legal council once TSA/Homeland security/the FBI/allobzeh get involved?
have they ever studied the English Language?
did anyone actually respond?I think this one's destined for the Deleted Mail folder :hmm: :suspect:

28th Jul 2006, 12:45
Can it be associated somehow with this? (http://www.bizjournals.com/jacksonville/stories/2006/07/24/daily24.html)

el @
28th Jul 2006, 12:48
The only question is for you a.argh,
Haven't you seen a pyramidal scheme before ?
They come in different forms, but at the end they are all the same - a scam.

green granite
28th Jul 2006, 13:10
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!, I think it's about time you changed your E-Mail address. :rolleyes::)

28th Jul 2006, 13:16
scam.com (http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=11125) - Albertahomes.

Other forum threads for same scam (http://www.scam.com/forumdisplay.php?f=13):

Concordia (http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=6025&page=1&pp=40), Abante, Public Wish, Camelia, Golson, Amalia, Adria Homes etc....

Read the Concordia thread, it explains the scam, getting you suckered in with fake bankers drafts etc.

28th Jul 2006, 14:01
Thanks ORAC that's an interesting site...people actually fall for this stuff?

Maybe that's a stupid thing to say, maybe there's a scam out there waiting for me to fall for it, maybe somoeday my bullshit detector will be inoperative, but ffs if it smells like dead fish, there's usually a dead fish in it somewhere, or you're just in Denmark.