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27th Jul 2006, 17:38
How does one become a UN Special Envoy? With all the troubles in the world today, UN Special Envoys are forever talking to us on news reports. My question is, why can't a regular envoy do the job? What's so special about these guys and gals? Is the UN really like a Chinese take away, where when they can't think of a name for a dish, they'll resort to "special" fried rice or cooked in a "special" sauce?
This is the job I want, as it makes you twice as special, the Special Adviser to the Deputy Special Representative to the Secretary-General
https://jobs.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/vacancy/Display_Vac.aspx?lang=1200&VACID=787a05fe-4821-4885-8f7c-18c22f4efc68 (https://jobs.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/vacancy/Display_Vac.aspx?lang=1200&VACID=787a05fe-4821-4885-8f7c-18c22f4efc68)

27th Jul 2006, 18:46
I believe that Ginger Spice was a UN 'special' envoy at one stage.
Hiro Ueki, Associate Spokesman for the Secretary-General, began today's noon briefing by saying it had been a busy morning because of mystery phone calls about the Spice Girls. Calls to United Nations agencies had revealed that Geri Halliwell, formerly known as Ginger Spice of the pop group "Spice Girls" would become a Special Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in the United Kingdom working with Marie Stopes International. Ms. Halliwell would be part of UNFPA's campaign with European organizations to raise concern about reproductive health and rights, especially for women. The announcement of the Ambassadorship would take place in room S-226 tomorrow morning at 11:30.

A MINE of useless information (as usual), brought to you by G-CPTN.

27th Jul 2006, 18:49
Be careful, where I'm from "special" people get the short bus.


27th Jul 2006, 20:05
What is a UN Special Envoy?

A useless role, bit like Deputy Prime Minister:rolleyes:

Erwin Schroedinger
28th Jul 2006, 06:19
Special Envoys get paid more, have bigger expense accounts, better transport, hotels etc and are allowed to spend even more time achieving absolutely f**k all.

28th Jul 2006, 06:21
For only ₤100 (visa accepted) I can make you a special envoy for Umbridge's Nuts. It's mainly a selling role but you will find doors opening for you. For more information and details of where to send your remittance please PM me. :E

Buster Cherry
28th Jul 2006, 06:36
I believe that Ginger Spice was a UN 'special' envoy at one stage.

Says it all, really.

Be careful, where I'm from "special" people get the short bus.

See First Quote. ;)

28th Jul 2006, 09:45
I don't envoy their jobs!! :D