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26th Jul 2006, 18:34
I turn polar bears white

and I will make you cry.

I make guys have to pee

and girls comb their hair.

I make celebrities look stupid

and normal people look like celebrities.

I turn pancakes brown

and make your champane bubble.

If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.

If you look at me, you'll pop.

can you guess the riddle?


26th Jul 2006, 18:44
No I Cant !! :}

26th Jul 2006, 18:48
The answer is No! :D

26th Jul 2006, 18:51
Yippie yay !!! Im da Queen...lol

26th Jul 2006, 18:54
My wee head hurts.
Something to do with invisible, or air.. I..I.. just dunno:{


Jimmy Macintosh
26th Jul 2006, 22:15
I turn polar bears white...spray paint

and I will make you cry...onions

I make guys have to pee...beer

and girls comb their hair...mirror

I make celebrities look stupid...life

and normal people look like celebrities...bling!!

I turn pancakes brown...heat

and make your champane bubble...heat

If you sqeeze me, I'll pop...balloon

If you look at me, you'll pop...powerful radar (as long as it is looking at you as well)

Or are you looking for one answer to cover all questions?

26th Jul 2006, 22:51
well I thought it was light refraction but can't get it to fit all the answers!

26th Jul 2006, 23:00
The answer is, "No," because one is asked, "Can you guess the riddle?"

26th Jul 2006, 23:02
hint (http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/science/02/25/singapore.green.bears.ap/index.html)

amazing thing this internet gizmo...


26th Jul 2006, 23:03
The literal answer would be 'no'. Most children would get it but adults would not. Failing that, Mr. T can do all of the above :cool:

26th Jul 2006, 23:05
But H202 does it turn pancakes brown? it reacts to proteins by fizzing re;easing the O2 molecules, I don't think it is that volatile that if it is compressed it will pop though!

But saying that this is interesting


26th Jul 2006, 23:15
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think of riddles as having the sort of answer a child would get.

In any event, is it actually H2O2 that makes champagne bubble? I thought that was CO2. Maybe I'm wrong.

Of course H2O2 does sometimes make celebrities look stupid ~ a task they're certainly capable of without outside interference.

And if I look at it I pop?


>>> Added: The answer is Chuck Norris!

26th Jul 2006, 23:21
Watt was the name of the driver.

Was 'tested' with a convoluted story filled with facts when attending a training course. The story was read out, AFTER which a question was asked. The listeners were expected to remember (no notes) the detail and then answer the question. It WAS Aviation-related (my ears pricked-up), yet I was unable to fathom out the answer to the question "How old was the pilot?". There was detail about the cruising height, fuel, number of passengers, cabin-crew, service etc etc etc, but nobody realised that the very FIRST line was "You are piloting an aircraft . . . ", so the answer was the listener's own age . . .

26th Jul 2006, 23:31
If you have 2 buckets of water, 1 which is 20 degrees centigrade and the other which is 20 degrees farenheit and you drop a ball into each and they fall from the same height and speed and hit the water at the exact same time, which ball hits the bottom first?

26th Jul 2006, 23:49
Water is a solid at 20F, except under special conditions (supersalinity such as is found in Antarctica).

Nice try, though.

And thanks for playing!

27th Jul 2006, 00:07
It's a heat related thang methunks....:ugh:

Chesty Morgan
27th Jul 2006, 00:11
One is thinking of "Pressure".

27th Jul 2006, 00:16
And therefore the answer is the one that fell in the 20 degrees centigrade bucket. :D