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25th Jul 2006, 16:43
I am trying to buy a car from a British guy. He wants to send it by a car shipping company called Luxustransport. Did anyone deal with them? I don't know if I can trust them, or not


25th Jul 2006, 18:12
Can you trust the British guy?

Is he called Arthur Daley?

Buster Cherry
25th Jul 2006, 18:58
Arthur Daley

I know him. The geezer with the bunny in the Trilby recons E's legit, but 'e ain't all that, Arthur Daley a little bit dodgy maybe, but underneath ... E's alright!

25th Jul 2006, 19:39
Little bit this, little bit that. Little bit here and a little bit there, know what I mean?

26th Jul 2006, 00:38
He wants to send it by a ... company called...

It's usual for the buyer to pay for the shipping of any goods purchased. If this is the case with you (and given its a car from an individual as opposed to a paperback from Amazon) then simply specify how and with whom you want the goods shipped. You need to be happy with the delivery arrangements - you're paying for them after all - as the seller will equally reasonably require payment before the goods are released.

You are paying for delivery aren't you? If not, then why not?


26th Jul 2006, 00:59
Fair comment, BlooMoo, but in this case the seller is 'recommending' a shipper (he or she might have used them before, or may have just pulled the name from yellow pages). If the buyer 'doesn't know' a suitable (reliable) shipper, then they have to ASK about the proposed shipper, or use yellow pages.
He wants to send it by a car shipping company called Luxustransport. Did anyone deal with them? I don't know if I can trust them, or not
The SELLER, however, has to liaise with the shipper (either delivering the vehicle to them or arranging collection) so presumably has SOME input to the choice.

26th Jul 2006, 01:53
Equally fair comment el capitan, although I see two seperate issues:

1) the seller wants the money

2) the buyer wants the goods

Transfer is relatively easy in case 1) because of the sophistication of the tools available - eg global banking/credit infrastructure. In case 2) for goods of value we're still pretty much in the Victorian era.

The buyer's dilemma is that he wants the goods but doesn't trust the transfer arrangements. In this case they are being 'recommended' by the seller who is obviously not a neutral contributor to the possible solution.

Fair enough to ask about - but, really - what could possibly be said on an anonymous forum to convice a sensible buyer that 'Luxustransport' is kosher?

Mr/Ms ATR is online - it took me a few seconds while typing this to do a search on Luxustransport - guess what? Google has only one English language search result for this outfit - here (http://www.luxustransport.com/) - and they've apparently been trading since 1987? Go to 'Contacts' and phone and fax are mobile numbers....

Maybe these lux guys are cool, maybe not, I don't know for sure. It's up to Mr/Ms ATR. I'd personally be rather tempted to make my own arrangements.


26th Jul 2006, 02:00
'art of gold 'e 'as

26th Jul 2006, 02:07
Terry, errr....TERRY!

26th Jul 2006, 07:54
Never heard of 'em. And I've heard of everyone.:=

26th Jul 2006, 08:07
Where does the car need to be shipped from, and where to? I might be able to recommend a company.

26th Jul 2006, 09:41
~Seems the contact number / fax numbers are for cell phones. I wouldn't trust them..... London numbers start +44 (0)20 7xx yyyy

26th Jul 2006, 10:36
Thank you all for replies

The guy, who wants to sell me the car (at a very good price), claims he'll pay for the transport. All I have to do is to pay a deposite - so they know I'm a serious customer...After I have posted the original post, I got an e-mail from luxustransport, asking me to send EUR 1,600 of deposite via Western Union, to a private person, who they claim is their agent... :} All in all, either the company is totally unprofessional, or the whole transaction is a big con... After all, anyone can set up a website and write he's been operating since 1987...

Can anyone tell me where I can report it? Since those guys look like con-men, they should be dealt with accordingly...

Thanks for help!


26th Jul 2006, 11:57
Just the mention of Western Union sets off all my alarms - don't touch it.

26th Jul 2006, 12:06
No delivery outfit worth their salt asks for cash upfront. I'm in the business if you need contacts, pm me.

Echo Zulu Yankee
27th Jul 2006, 21:05
Stay away from Luxustransport, if you look quickly when the site is loading it says "yoursitenamehere" at the bottom - which means they used a free template...

Their Whois entry also doesnt look particularly professional.