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25th Jul 2006, 17:34
I have recently applied for my FATPL,however i just got an email from the CAA saying :
''You have requested the issue of a Single-engine Class rating (SEP) on the
application form. In order for us to process that request you will need to
meet the requirements set out in LASORS section F9.

I have a SEP(land) rating on my PPL licence issued by my country 's CAA which is definetly a JAA member state(MALTA).So can anyone in ''idiot'' language explain to me why cant i have my SEP rating endorsed on my much awaited licence-JAR CPL(A)/IR (UK) :ugh: .

P.S. To make myself understood i ticked the SEP land box on my application form (SRG1123).

Any replies will be appreciated

25th Jul 2006, 21:59
E-mail them stating that, as Malta is a JAA Full Member State, can your next JAR-FCL SEP Class Rating be revalidated in the 'Certificate of Ratings - Revalidation' page? Or do they need to make any other entries in your licence.

LASORS F9 only refers to transferring Type/Class Ratings from a non-JAA State Licence, transferring of Co-Pilot only Multi-Pilot Type Ratings to Pilot-in-Command Ratings and transferring UK Military Type Ratings.

27th Jul 2006, 22:10
Thank you for the reply BEagle,
however the UK CAA 's policy regarding this issue is that ,one can either comply with the requirements that are stated in section F9 of LASORS ie.as if one were not from a JAR member state(whether he is or not) or send a letter in writing stating that one would wish to have his rating issued/transfered onto his JAR/UK licence and after the CAA(UK) verify his licence with his state the rating would be issued/transfered.

The latter option seems to be the most reasonable

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