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tony draper
24th Jul 2006, 21:14
Interesting prog but what do they feel it necessary to add silly statements to the commentary, just for dramatic effect? ie they talked as if it was the first time the Saturn five had flown, as is they did not know if anything would work,two crews had already been to the moon and tested the systems,one just to orbit,a Apollo 8, and tother Apollo 9 or 10 took the LEM down to withing a few miles of the Luna surface,neither of those frinstance burned up on re entry to earth,so why make the statement they did not know if the small command modul would survive the temperature of the return through the atmosphere.
These silly unecessary over dramatic blurbs always irritate the sh!te outta me.
Apart from that it was ok

24th Jul 2006, 21:24
Have to agree Tony.
But what p1sses me off is the crews knew the risks and were willing to go!
Same with the shuttle crews, it was the lawyers that stopped the shuttles from flying.
Sorry, alcohol fueled rant. Why can't we take risks anymore! :ugh:

24th Jul 2006, 21:32
We need futile gestures at this stage of the programme . . .
(Acknowledgement to Peter Cooke)
(Said by Squadron Leader to Flight Officer Perkins): "I want you to take up a crate, Perkins " Sah!" "Fly over to Jerry." "Sah!" "And dont come back." "Sah" "You are going to lay down your life, Perkins." "Sah" "We need a futile gesture at this stage. It will raise the whole tone of the war."Good bye Sah! - Or is it 'Au Revoir'?" "No, Perkins, Good bye."

24th Jul 2006, 21:45
Biggest load of cobblers I've seen for a long time - of all the futile things, trying to build up false tension: "are they going to get off the Moon or not ? " "They could have almost died" - except everyone knows they didn't, so where's the suspense ?

As for the "UFO" - obviously just a piece of space junk.

24th Jul 2006, 21:51
Drapes - you had more persistence than I ... after the first few moments it seemed to me that there was some kind of "agenda" and nothing new ... I flipped over to some brainless humour instead! Seems like I didn't miss much.

Such a shame. In the current era where China, Japan, Russia, ESA and NASA are taking mankind to the stars - ideally they will all work together to achieve same - it seems that like everything else, space is being dumbed down for the masses. While I don't care that moronic TV is provided as pap to the morons who want it, I really do wish that serious, exploratory, historic, scientific channels would do what they do best and not try to sink to the lowest common denominator!

OK a rant, unfair probably as I didn't watch the show tonight but ... 'tis how I feel!!! :ok:

digidave - EXACTLY!!! just as the seafaring adventurers of five hundred years ago, the space adventurers of this era realise that they are embarking on a possible no-return trip ... they choose to go so that mankind may, one day, gain from their experience and for themselves it must be a blast (no pun intended!)!!! It is for this reason that I have been proud to shake hands with former astronauts who appear at the Kennedy Space Center (for the question-time or the lunch) ... they do truly represent the best of humanity IMHO!!! :ok:

tony draper
24th Jul 2006, 21:54
More like frozen jetisoned pee,that had them worried in the Mercury prog for a while,they called it the Constelation Urinous when they figured out it was not a fleet of UFO's following them.

24th Jul 2006, 22:07
Yeah, funny how those aliens always appear right after you've been to the bog, isn't it ? :eek:

Volmet South
25th Jul 2006, 06:55
Isn't that the Captain's Log ?

25th Jul 2006, 07:36
I don't think I'd realised how close they came to the carrier on splashdown, about half a mile?

Apart from that, a tawdry attempt to vamp up something that did not need it.:yuk:

Ace Rimmer
25th Jul 2006, 07:50
Yep Nothing new on last night's prog the main thrust of the documentry seem to be - its DANGEROUS this space thing what were they thinking about? Usual don't do anything... you might get hurt... nanny state huggy fluff tripe.

The one thing that tickled me was the bit when the commentator said computer's autpomatic guidance failed and Neil Armstrong had to take over and fly BY HAND!!!!

..."yes film maker this is called being a pilot". Oh and BTW the final phase was always planned to be hand flown (as was the case on all the landings)

the other bit that amused me the bit at the end NASA stopped flying Apollo missions because somebody might get killed!"

Here's some news for you filmmaker...
NASA cancelled Apollos 18, 19 and 20 and most of the Apollo applications (Skylab and such) not because of the danger but becuse of budget cuts plain and simple...and the only thing they could sell to the Nixon Administration was the Shuttle

The Nixon Administration was never over enamoured with the whole Apollo thing to start with (it was and always will be associated with JFK). In fact, it was around this time that the Launch Control Center at Cape Kennedy was quietly changed to the Kennedy Space Center and the cape's name changed back to Canaveral...