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23rd Jul 2006, 22:08
I know the rules re Israel bashing, advertising etc but every once in a while comes a thread which we can really let rip in, such as the recent "repent ye sinners" type thread which was locked before we had a chance to get our teeth into it.
Please, oh Puleeeeeze Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Moderators, can we at least spar a little longer before you clutch our chances of redemption away from us.
And the Lord said unto me, Anoint thine tongue with the amber nectar and the world will seem a better place for at least 4 hours.
I did anoint mine tongue and Hallelujah, not only was the world a better place, my wife became attractive again, its a miracle, I am saved.

24th Jul 2006, 01:30
I agree 100%, absolutely!!!!!:D

Over moderation on Jet Blast on such important subject as we are taking about is critical in regards keeping one's mind open to new and wonderful opportunities to explore new and sometimes unknown knowledge, resources and beliefs.

So I say to the moderators let us have the freedom to expand our minds and taste buds!

I really like Johnnie Walker Red for a blended Scotch.

Er, we are talking about a thread on Scotch aren't we?

amber nectar :ok:

24th Jul 2006, 01:51
Highland Park, every time!

You want a sermon on hell and damnation? I think I wrote one once, for a lark.

24th Jul 2006, 02:08
You wrote one for a lark, Keef? I bet it was an owling success ... not that you would ever crow about it of course. Okay ... hat, coat, door ... ;)

24th Jul 2006, 11:25
Keef, could you parrot with one on redemption?

OK, don't push, don't push... I can crawl thru the door on my own, just don't step on my hand again.

24th Jul 2006, 14:44
Yeah, that one was no fair. I was in the middle of a reply when it got locked. :(

24th Jul 2006, 16:00
... and that was just the MIL, eh, Jer?

Dare one imagine what kind of Mod she might make...?:eek:

24th Jul 2006, 16:12

I spent some time last night trying to figure out what thread you were talking about, but I couldn't :confused:

24th Jul 2006, 16:39

24th Jul 2006, 17:17
If it had been posted by a long-time Prooner, that would have been one thing, but this guy found us and makes his first post as a "God-botherer"

No time at all for these people. I'm a (fairly good) practicing Christian, but I don't go around shoving it peoples' faces. If you ask me, I'll tell you. (as some may have noticed on previous threads specifically on the subject ;) ) But I don't go up to people and make myself unwelcome.

It's counter-productive and gives us "regular" Christians a bad name. I'd rather someone who knows me ask himself "what's it that makes ESG the way he is?" and realise that it's my faith, and two of my friends joined the Church for that reason - I never gave them any encouragement or "push" than just the way that I live (in fact, I was quite surprised).

24th Jul 2006, 18:29
'Its a sin to fly says church'


24th Jul 2006, 18:51
Good quote, but not exactly what was being stated.

Top marks for quoting out of context though :ok:

24th Jul 2006, 19:02
So is the BoL one of those Suffering Bishops?

The Mixmaster
24th Jul 2006, 19:05
yeah unlock my hottest airline thread Mod's. Also get a sense of humour, I didn't really mean that whichever airline had the best looking air stewardesses would determine my career path (or did I? mwahaha)

24th Jul 2006, 19:15
I didn't really mean that whichever airline had the best looking air stewardesses would determine my career path (or did I? mwahaha)
Does that mean that Squeezyjet has the Eeziest hosties?

24th Jul 2006, 21:55
Oh, you meant THAT thread??? It was a waste of bandwidth if there ever was one :rolleyes:

...Mr Draper himself didn't even bother posting :p