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neil armstrong
22nd Jul 2006, 19:00
It costs European taxpayers approximately 200 million euros a year to move the Parliament between Brussels/Belgium and Strasbourg/France.
Sign the list and lets put the money in our own pockets (and at the same time piss off the French!)

22nd Jul 2006, 19:22
And how much did it cost to send your ass to the moon so you could go for a little stroll in the Earthshine???

I keed, I keed ;)

neil armstrong
22nd Jul 2006, 20:14
Dont bring my private travel into this now!!
Any at least Europe didnt pay for that one :}


Lon More
23rd Jul 2006, 11:30
At least his journey brought some joy into Mr Gorky's life

23rd Jul 2006, 11:54
You may need that money for the A380!

23rd Jul 2006, 11:55
whats the daily bill for Iraq Operations again ?

I forget the exact figure, can someone post it ?

23rd Jul 2006, 12:16
Lets Stop some of the money waisting of the EU

Whose money shall we waste then? Can someone explain to me why they are moving the EU Parliament anyway?

BTW, (Belatedly) Happy 37th anniversary of your lunar landing, Neil.


23rd Jul 2006, 12:27
Lets Stop some of the money waisting of the EU

Hey Neil, what about your own "pork barrel" politics?!

Would it be fair if one was to ask you to stick yer nose in yer own pig's trough first, before meddling in ours...?! :}

Yankee go home...
Yankee go home...
Yankee go home...


23rd Jul 2006, 14:13
The monthly, average, cost of the Iraq operation is approx $5 Billion.

That is the monthly cost.

West Coast
23rd Jul 2006, 17:09
I think you will find the poster Neil Armstrong is not from the US, so your comments miss thier intended mark.

23rd Jul 2006, 17:35
At a least Neil Armstrong's walk enriched the spirit of mankind, uplifted the collective heart and gave man something to aim for.

Can someone please tell me what the European Union stands for apart from
regulation, taxation and the dead hand of conformity? Just like the
Soviet Union, and heading for the same evolutionary cul du sac.

Jerricho, your bigotry is showing, you are worthy of better than that!! :hmm:

23rd Jul 2006, 17:36
So he's a suppositor?

23rd Jul 2006, 17:43
Come on Tiley...........the only thing I know about that is a bigamist is a large Italian fog ;)

West Coast
23rd Jul 2006, 18:41

One who inserts suppositories?

23rd Jul 2006, 19:09
Come on Tiley...........the only thing I know about that is a bigamist is a large Italian fog ;)

Got it in one Jerricho!! And a large pizza to go!! :p

23rd Jul 2006, 19:22
While we're being pedantic, one might think this thread, from its title, would be about money belts or fanny packs (American definition).

23rd Jul 2006, 20:25
The reasons are historical (or hysterical) depending on your point of view.
When the Parliament (or Common Assembly as it was then called) was first created,it was a small institution (150 odd appointed members) and it met 2 or 3 times a year. Its staff was very small.
It met alternately in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg - all three of which had some historical claim to house the EU democratic body.
EU enlargement and ultimately direct elections in 1979 led to an increase in the Parliament's size, scope and power.
It stopped meeting in Luxembourg (there was one plenary meeting there in the 1990's, but only as a stopgap due to building problems).
The Treaties specify that 12 sessions per year shall be held in Strasbourg. Many members of the Parliament do not like this, but the decision is not theirs, the Treaties can only be amended by the Council (the Member States) and they don't want to change the status quo.
France of course wants the Parliament to continue to meet 12 times a year in Strasbourg. Other so-called mini-sessions are held in Brussels.
Although the system costs money, it also brings money to Strasbourg. It doesn't cost as much as you might think in terms of practicality -internet etc. means that things can be done at a distance and the minimum of staff actually move for the week or part of the week to Strasbourg. Many of the staff are still based in Luxembourg, halfway between Brussels and Strasbourg.
Since it is the European Parliament with members now from 27 countries, it is perhaps only fair to spread it around a bit, rather than concentrate everything in Brussels. It's a controversial issue and I would say that a majority of MEPs now want it to meet only in Brussels, but as I said, the decision is not theirs to make.:}

23rd Jul 2006, 21:19
I tried to climb a bigotry once, but fell out and hit ever branch on the way down

23rd Jul 2006, 21:42
Some of the waisted funds could be used for spelling lessons:hmm:

23rd Jul 2006, 21:47
Yes, it's a shame that people are loosing their education and waisting yet more government money.

23rd Jul 2006, 21:54
whats the daily bill for Iraq Operations again ?
I heard 2 billion a day, thogh it might be only a billion :ugh: