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19th Jul 2006, 19:27
Seems like an odd one but an instructor friend of mine reckons you can renew your IR on a single whilst retaining the priviliges of your ME-IR for up to five years as long as you keep your MEP valid.
Anyone know anything more about this?? would be dead useful as I renewed my MEP a couple of weeks ago. Before somebody says why didn't I do IR renewal at same time, a/c wasn't suitable and I wasn't paying for it!!
The other alternative is of course a sim..

19th Jul 2006, 20:39
Quote from LASORS, E1.5 - IR(A) Re-validation and Renewal: Important Note
SPA IR privileges are not type or class specific -
the holder of more than one SPA type or class
rating is required to re-validate the IR on only one
SPA type or class (usually the most complex
one). However, the holder of a ME IR must
revalidate on a ME class or type. An IR SPA ME
will confer SPA SE IR privileges whereas an IR
SPA SE does not confer SPA ME IR privileges.
(Emphasis added by me.)

Seems like your instructor friend is wrong.


19th Jul 2006, 20:43
Fair play - it used to be true (as there were no requirements to fly an asymmetric approach for renewal/revalidation) - but not any more (under JAR).

Jimmy The Big Greek
19th Jul 2006, 21:56
Can you still renew it on simulator?

Mercenary Pilot
19th Jul 2006, 22:04
Yeah but only every other year.

20th Jul 2006, 09:43
thanks guys,
good on this chap for trying to save me some money and he used to be right!
I guess it's off to find a sim although tempting to go somewhere else in europe with the caa 180 fee even if on the sim!!!

20th Jul 2006, 13:07
Eh? There is no fee to the CAA for a renewal. There's a test fee (likely) payable directly to the examiner, as well as the rental fee for whatever hardware you use (sim or a/c) - but no fee to the CAA.

20th Jul 2006, 16:39
whatever!! it still goes out of my pocket!! although apparently the examiner fee is only 80euros in spain. how it can be so different I don't know. good old rip-off Britain.

20th Jul 2006, 17:21
Sorry, misunderstood.

Didn't realise that you wanted the examiner (who has to pay to keep the rating current) to donate their time to do the test for free for you (like your MEP).

Jimmy The Big Greek
20th Jul 2006, 21:13
I did not know that the IR renewal is done with examiner. I thought it was like the FAA that you can do it with an IR instructor.

Is the renewal as hard as the skills test.

Thank god for microsoft Flight simulator 2004

Mercenary Pilot
20th Jul 2006, 21:50
There is no fee to the CAA for a renewal
Phew, I was about to throw a :mad: track! Ive got one coming up in the next 7-14 days and any CAA fee's are my responsibility! £180 would not have gone down well! :sad: :ok:

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