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Curious Pax
26th Oct 2001, 18:12
A Norwegian firm seems to have been listening (taken from Ananova):

Device Automatically Switches Off Plane Passengers' Mobiles

A Norwegian company is developing a device to automatically switch off plane passengers' mobiles.

ICE International's antenna box sends signals to switch off phones within a specific range.

Estimates say around 10% of passengers leave their mobiles on while they fly.

Engineer Jan Monrad Tangen says: "We've had close co-operation from the Air Aviation Authority and been in contact with 240 international airports and received very good responses. Everyone we've talked to says they want this technology."

According to Bergens Tidende, the company is now testing the box and will report its results in the spring.

26th Oct 2001, 18:40
Good, they can stick it in trains/buses/restaurants etc too.

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