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15th Jul 2006, 20:28
Hi, i'm a 21 year old male from England, Strongly considering attaining a Pilot's qualification. I've harboured this desire for a few years, but never gave it as serious thought as I'm doing now!

I will come across naive, as I'm not familiar with terminology and the finer aspects of Flying.
I desire to fly commercially as a career some time in the future, but i'm not sure how the industry is? Is there a surplus amount of Pilot's than what's needed by the Major Airline companies?
How easy is the step from certification of the relevant commercial flight training, to actual employment on an Airline?

Also, Which are the best Training locations/companies? And do some of them require a really high level of past academic result's for admission?
I've heard good things about FTE, Lufthansa FT, Oxford Flight Training, etc.

I have considerable funds behind me, so that issue is secondary.

Also, how long are the appliction procedure's?
I've emailed various Academies, but haven't had much response.

I appreciate any advice available.. :)

15th Jul 2006, 20:38
welcome, start by doing a search, you will find answers to nearly all your questions


the link above contains lots of info

15th Jul 2006, 21:23
Thanks mate :ok: :)

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