View Full Version : Sequence of Airbus Fuel Usage

15th Jul 2006, 20:14
Hi there, could anyone tell me the sequence or order in which the fuel is used on the A340-300, A340-600, A330-300?

I'm sure the question has been asked before on this forum but I wasn't able to find an informative answer by searching.

Also, why is the aft transfer of fuel (to the THS Tank) not possible/required on the 744?

15th Jul 2006, 22:21
On the A340, fuel is fed to the engines from the inner tanks. Fuel is used from the center, then inner, then trim and finally the outer tanks under FCMS control by transferring fuel into the inner tanks.

The center tank pumps feed the inner tank and will shut off automatically. The outer tank to inner tank transfer is gravity fed.

The A332 feed sequence is the same as the A340. The A333 does not have a center fuel tank - otherwise the sequence is the same.

There is no ingenious CG fuel transfer system on the 747. The HS tanks are for fuel storage only.