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14th Jul 2006, 06:52
seems to be some truth in the rumour then from scroggs' reaction, however wrong it was. i'm nothing to do with nac or oft, so please like jock 113 said please think b4 you write, especially as you are an experienced, impartial moderator, i just spoke words from nac students mouths that i hear in naples, obviously they cant ask due to the answer they will get from nac management if this is true. the cpl starts this monday...again another rumour...but seems rumours are not allowed anymore.

just trying to iron a crease flat. and help those about to spend a lot of money..but it seems this thread is beyond that now, good luck prospective air con techs...nac you had your chance again to iron this crease.

just trying to fly straight and level...but getting supplied with the normal naples turbulence

until the next rumour, hope its positive next time

14th Jul 2006, 08:24
OK, Mr S, you may not be NAC. You are definitely not OFT *(despite earlier info) as you are posting from Naples itself. So, Euro american? Rex Air? London? Whichever, it's irrelevant. I have no brief for NAC or any other school; I am just fed up with the mud-slinging that seems to be endemic within the Florida industry - of which i've no doubt you're a part.

As far as I can tell, NAC are not currently autorised to offer JAA training. They have refused to explicitly answer the questions we put to them via this forum when the previous Head of Training departed, and anecdotal evidence suggests that there is some obsfucation of the facts when people try and discover the truth by contacting Naples directly.

As I am now completely fed up with the whole business, I will close this thread and there will be no further mention of NAC on this forum until the truth is established by direct communication from NAC, substantiated and confirmed by the CAA.


5th Aug 2006, 12:39
Hi, is anyone going over to Naples this October?

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