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26th Oct 2001, 06:46
Got this from the front of 'The Star' One of Irelands tabloid newspapers: (interesting side bar of journalists that they show a picture of an A321 instead of an A330 which is used for TA)

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary stopped his attacks on Aer Lingus this week - to fly first class to the US with the national carrier.

The companys arch enemy relaxed in his £3,060 seat for the trip to Los Angeles just 24 hours after lashing the airline on national radio.

Astonished Aer Lingus staff couln't believe their eyes as Mr O'Leary checked in for the 8am flight on Tuesday.

Only last week O'Leary outraged Aer Lingus employees when he said that it was 'tough s**t' that 2500 workers were to lose their jobs.

26th Oct 2001, 12:39
Wonder if he ate anything? :D

The Guvnor
26th Oct 2001, 13:05
I recall that - not too long ago - there was an interview with MO'L which I posted on here, in which he said that only corporate fat cats and civil servants fly in J class (EI doesn't have F, btw) at other people's expense and that he considers it such a waste of money he'd never pay for it himself.

So, I wonder who paid? FR - and therefore the shareholders - or did MO'L have a bit of a memory lapse and cough up the readies himself? Not that he can't afford it, of course!

I wonder how many EI staff slipped him their CVs? :eek: :D :eek:

26th Oct 2001, 14:10
He was a speaker at a conference in LA.

The organizers paid for it.

26th Oct 2001, 14:35
Children, Children! Stop worrying about someone else's good fortune. Make your own.


NOW what am I wearing?!?

26th Oct 2001, 15:07
xsimba, I believe he had a coffee, and was pleasantly surprised that, when it arrived, it turned out to be a cappucino ;) :D

I shall console myself with the thought that, when he's lost all his money and his airline and is begging for change on the street, I shall step on his knuckles! :D :D
"Lose everything did you? Tough s**t" :cool:

26th Oct 2001, 16:05
He just appeared (by videolink) on BBC2's
Working Lunch and got a good grilling by Adrian :D

He was questioning M O'L about the £50 charge they are imposing on those who wish to have their Pilot CV READ, and more importantly, that all the information directed to the website (All CV personal details) is unsecure and can be read by anyone :eek:

Naturally, he counterclaimed this with the fact that this is good news in the airline world and the site maybe secure by the end of next week.

Of course, as Irelands current TV star with more airtime than Dana,Boyzone and Gloria Hunniford could ever wish for in a lifetime,
his Advertising budget will soon be close to Zero :- - the everpresent plug was there - the million seats at £15 feature was forced upon the viewers, even though this had B****r all to do with the programme feature.

I propose a ban on this man being seen on UK tv for at least 6 months unless he is made to sign a contract declaring he will not appear on it for advertising purposes (like he always does). :rolleyes:

26th Oct 2001, 16:14
Next time I fly across the pond, I plan to spend the entire flight in the aft toilets in protest. That'll show MO'L and his cronies how serious I am about starting up scheduled transatlantic flights! :mad: :mad: :mad:

26th Oct 2001, 16:51
For those who missed M O'L's stunning performance on Working Lunch and have RealPlayer on their PC then go to the following page and click on View Today's Show.

Some performance by Michael! Do all pilots earn £100K at Ryanair?

26th Oct 2001, 17:12
Yes, when you factor in hidden costs such as access to the terminal car park, security passes, uniforms, staff travel, paid travel to and from sim checks etc.
After all that is taken into consideration, new FOs can expect to see £6500 pa plus sector cheques. And Captains can hope for £40,000 pa plus sector cheques.
We're all incredibly rich and love MOL for it, and letting us keep our jobs.

26th Oct 2001, 18:50
Being made redundant is bad enough, but receiving an email saying that your application has been deleted and it will cost you £50 to resubmit is just adding insult to injury. Also there's more: Quote "Our selection process involves a review of applications received via our
on-line database followed by an interview and Simulator Assessment.
There will be a processing fee for both interview and simulator
assessment of STG£50 and STG£150 respectively. " Unquote. Additionally they have decided not to bond non type rated people, but to charge a fee of £15K to do the course.

Sorry to all you guys & gals who work at Ryanair, but this has annoyed me so much in my current situation that I will persuade every friend and colleague to avoid Ryanair on principle. It may not affect them much, but I'll ensure it costs them much more than the money they tried to extort from me!!

O'Leary can kick us when we're down, but he might need a large towel to wipe the spit out of his eye on this one.

26th Oct 2001, 19:25
The Guvnor

I seem to recall that all current and retired airline Chief Executives get free 1st Class travel on other scheduled airlines.

No doubt you will soon be able to confirm that. :D :D :D :D

Steep Approach
26th Oct 2001, 19:50
Just watched the Working Lunch Interview. I'm speechless!

The smugger they are, the harder they fall :mad:

Sid's Stars
26th Oct 2001, 20:47
So who would want to hack the CVs from Ryans then? Theyre only useful to another airline shurely and youre gonna be surprised to be getting a call out of the blue from Air XYZ offering yo a job when you only applied to Ryans!

The Guvnor
26th Oct 2001, 20:50
M.Mouse - only usually appplies if you're an IATA carrier or if you have interline agreements with other carriers. Otherwise at best you can maybe wangle an ID50 or an ID75 but there are so many good deals around these day;s you're better off paying commercial! Back in the halcyon days of the 80s though, life was a lot easier ... I even used to get freebies on Concorde!

27th Oct 2001, 01:33
Sid's Stars, I think the concern is handing over your credit card details on an insecure website rather than everybody reading the bull**** on my rather impressive CV!

27th Oct 2001, 15:53
Repeated as it seems to be relevant to this thread as well...

I got this 'send us 50 quid or sod off' message from the Ryanair postmaster as well, and almost fell over in disbelief. How would they expect applicants who are applying to even a small a number of different organisations to feel happy about paying for EACH???? I don't very often post on PPrune, but I did want to check the chat carefully to ensure that this wasn't a hoax. I think it's quite outrageous (as far as I know this practice would be totally illegal if they were based in the UK).
So, instead I went to yahoo.com and just typed in 'flight crew jobs'...

I'm still aghast at the arrogance of Ryanair, and it would be natural justice if nobody paid up, but as has been said, it may be a sign of the times.

27th Oct 2001, 17:24
I have to agree with that. Expecting people who are in almost all cases very hard up, having paid God knows how much for their training, or having been made redundant, to pay £50 (an entire week's dole money) just to read a CV is totally ridiculous.

How are people supposed to apply to, say, 40-50 airlines if everyone were to apply this?

I'd prefer to keep my money, spend it on keeping myself current and wait for a job with a real airline.

I suggest a total boycott of applications to RyanAir.

27th Oct 2001, 19:12
Member #2 of Ryanair boycott

its the £15,000 for a type rating that did it for me not the £50 :mad:

27th Oct 2001, 20:18
Just watched the bbc prog.

What a nasty, arrogant, self serving, self publicising and smug little toe-rag the man is.

Somehow 'would you like fries with that' sounds a much more honourable speach than:

'Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard this Ryanair service'


Boycott #3

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27th Oct 2001, 22:23
I know more than a dozen good friends who gave up other careers during the nineties to enter into what they believed was a profesion- at least 5 have became unemployed this past month.They gave all they had to be airline pilots.This unpleasant M.O.L. guy from Dublin makes a complete farce of what they hoped for and mocks a proud group of people. Sucsessful he may be but he wont go down in aviation history as a saint, to gloat on the misfortune of others will damm this unpleasant individual in the long term. £50 to look at a CV! - Tabloid Aviation is here if we allow this.

irish laddie
28th Oct 2001, 00:40
why dont we all throw peanuts and spill coke on the carpet.he said they dont serve them because it adds to cleaning costs. :D :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:

28th Oct 2001, 01:11
I don't consider myself to be a "fat cat" businessman, but I do need to travel on business and RyanAir has proved convienient if not always cheap for short notice flights. The topics raised here and with the BBC have convinced me that I have been backing the wrong horse and I, for one, will exercise my choice and take my business elsewhere

28th Oct 2001, 01:15
Having thought a bit more about this, it seems to me that things will only change if two things happen:

(1) the airline industry recovers from the aftermath of the 11th September, which I am confident it will in the fullness of time, and

(2) the airlines realise that their crew are a valuable resource, and like any other employees (or potential employees) they should not be provoked to the point where they really don't care any more if they get fired (or never get employed) by a company that is apparently blatantly trying to profiteer from their temporarily weakened position.

Would I feel confident working for a company with this appalling attitude to its flight deck crew recruitment? - I think not. Meanwhile, there are many other airlines with a more civilised approach, and some useful non-airline-based flight deck crew recruitment services online. Therefore I, for one, won't be applying to Ryanair. MOL obviously doesn't share my view of what he's doing, but it's a matter of basic principle with me, not the 50 quid. I think it's just damn cheeky, and it rankles my posterior.

Invalid Delete
28th Oct 2001, 01:35
I posted my views on the "Has Ryan been hacked" thread before I read this one. They are too long to repeat here but I have suggested a good idea at the end.

Top of Page 6 on the other thread if anyone cares to see my thoughts.

Boycott #4

28th Oct 2001, 03:26
For 1 dissatisfied customer, a company looses 10 potential customers through word of mouth.

For 1 hacked off pilot, Ryanair must be loosing 100+ potential customers

Boycott# 600-700,allowing for family, friends, colleagues, contacts, and so on.

What a silly game MOL is playing. Hes not here to satisfy us, but at least be professional about things.

28th Oct 2001, 04:02
Just booked on EI for when I visit my family at Christmas- I for one have flown FR for the last time (until they drop this money making racket)

$50 for reading a CV $150 for a sim-ride and $15000 up front is P*** Taking of the highest order-but as I said on the other thread- It'll probobly become the industry standard because of the very nature of the game we play.

Count me in as a boycotting Passenger.

28th Oct 2001, 15:55
Is it just me or does anyone else think MOL looks like Stan Laurel?
You never see them in the same room. Hmmm... http://silentgents.com/LandH/Boys49.jpg

29th Oct 2001, 21:47
And if Stelios wore a bowler hat...!

The MOL and Stelios show :D

31st Oct 2001, 23:51
Does the 15K include MCC ? MOL saw what CTC were doing at Easyjet and put 2 + 2 together. Why have CTC not got any flac over this ?

Problem now is to consider CTC v Ryanair regarding career advancement. What are the pros / cons of each ?

1st Nov 2001, 17:33
I wonder what he think he had for lunch on board, and what he really had :D :D :D :D :D :D Tough s..t

3rd Nov 2001, 08:31
The Guvnor;

As usual you never checked your facts, MOL's ticket to LAX was paid for by the peole who wanted him to talk at the event they were holding in the LAX area, Now..I guess if you had your way..you would prefer him to have paddled his own canoe across the pond

When you are replying to my answer..Please remember that he did not pay for his trip himself..!!!
and even if he did..who decided that you are Judge and jury about MOL and FR..?

I mus say, I have never seen a more arrogant group of "professional" people, as those on PPrune extolling their own virtues and blaming MOL on everything in the world from Bad weather to matches that wont strike when damp.

So you dont like FR and MOL..Great, dont fly with them, get all your friends to do the same....and I promise you, even then FR will still be making money unlike most "flag" carriers in Europe at the moment

Passengers are voting with their pockets, so wake up and smell the coffee..!!!!

3rd Nov 2001, 09:05

Think we're gonna disagree on this one. Go back and read the start of this thread. I have nothing against MOL or FR. I just think its a serious **** take when he blasts the airline one minute, then flys on them the next. Why coulnt MOL taken one of his budget flights to LGW and then go across the pond with Virgin, BA or the many others??

"By the way, I think youre a lazy bastard who does nothing all day, and just bitches for the sake of it, grow up will ya!! For gods sake, we will we ever get any peace from you............ Can I get a lift into town off you tomorrow??" (not to be taken at face value) :D :D :D :D :D

Do you see my point flame?

No offence intended!

Ireland's Call
3rd Nov 2001, 13:17

What is this morbid obsession with Ryanair? You don't like them? Well don't fly them, you do have that choice, but the decision by a few whinging pilots to "boycott" flying with Ryanair will hardly cause MOL sleepless nights now will it? And if you don't want to apply to work at FR then don't, again you have the choice, but there will be plenty of pilots out there who will. Ryanair pilots work hard and get paid well for it, where is the problem with that? Or maybe you think pilots should only have to work the same low hours as the Lingus boys and girls.

Everything that MOL has stated on the ridiculous situation regarding the Government bailing out yet again, the overstuffed, overstaffed, mollycoddled Aer Lingus has been right on the money. The genius's at SIPTU just cannot come up with a reasonable answer as to why taxpayers money should be used to support a company that is patently unable to stand alone in a free competitive environment.

By the way before the insults start to fly, I am in no way connected with Ryanair or MOL, I do work at the Airport and have just had it with the continuing farce that gets played out continuously with these semi-state dinosaurs, whether it's Aer Rianta and the no to the new terminal that wouldn't cost them a penny at DUB, the apalling facilities at DUB, the SNN stopover or Aer Lingus and it's chronic inefficiency.

Any fool can make money in a buyont booming economy, it's when economic conditions turn the other way that you see who really is in the best health.
Ryanair are going nowhere, their cost base is too well controlled and their product is too attractive to consumers.

6th Nov 2001, 00:20
Ryan Air

Congrats to an Irish success story

TO be honest Ryan Air is a great UK success story also, many a happy employee
amounst our friends in the UK

Long may it continue.........

And Good luck to Shamrock, best of luck
hope theres a silver lining to this grey CB.

6th Nov 2001, 13:25
M.O'L in today's Times:

The Irish carrier wants to open a second hub in Europe and is recruiting 250 staff, asking prospective pilots to pay £50 for the privilege of submitting a job application. “Last year we had 6,500 applications for 80 jobs, and 600 were from 16-year-olds that didn’t have a driving licence,” said Mr O’Leary. “A quality 737 pilot isn’t going to mind spending £50.”

6th Nov 2001, 13:42
I have said it before and I'll say it again I have no problem with the [email protected] £50 for submitting the CV, or £50 for the interview, or even the £150 for the sim because I know I am qualified and able to do the job.I am not a 16-year-olds that didn’t have a driving licence I am an unemployed commercial airline pilot.
Its the £15,000 money up front for the type conversion that brings every thing to a grinding halt. :mad:

cant spell when :mad:

[ 06 November 2001: Message edited by: dv8 ]

The Guvnor
6th Nov 2001, 14:12
dv8 - as FR are looking for 737 rated people and you say you're qualified (which presumably means that you hold a rating on the 737), then as I understand it you won't need to pay for a further rating, will you? :D :D

6th Nov 2001, 14:24
By qualified I meant ATPL, +3000 hrs, jet rating etc. and not 16 years old.
But no B737 rating

6th Nov 2001, 15:00
I fully accept that if you have 6,500 CV's arriving in the post, many of whom are totally unsuitable, it costs you to employ someone just to open the envelopes and feed the poor ones into the trash can.

With online recruitment and a computerised database, how much extra does it cost to have the computer weed out all the unsuitable types and present you with a list of good ones?

Jive Bunny
6th Nov 2001, 19:23
I saw O'Leary on the news last night, what is up with the man ? His company has just announced profits of 60 million and he cant even afford a decent suit!!!

6th Nov 2001, 19:29
Jive Bunny, you miss the point, he can afford NOT to wear a suit...

NOW what am I wearing?!?

6th Nov 2001, 19:50
"Ryanair are currently the biggest recipient of "state aid" in the EU"
Discuss in less than three paragraphs .....marks 50.
Ryanair are in reciept of state aid also known as "deals" in Derry, Kerry, Dublin, Shannon, Cork, Charleroi,(under intense investigation by Eu's dePalacio )Sardinia-Alghero (under investigation by the Public Prosecutor Paolo Piras) just to mention a few.Belfast intnl have refused to play ball, have put their foot down and said NO!
FR also recieves state aid in Ireland of some millions per year to support their call centre in Dublin which makes little sense when their website is accounting for 80% of the business.
Wherever a product is sold at below the cost of production in this case , airport charges, it constitutes aid, be it state or otherwise. ...marks ?