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10th Jul 2006, 20:33
Does anyone have any experience of CTC and deviated class 1 medicals? I got my class 1 with deviation a few weeks ago after trying for a class one for nearly 9 years (:}), so before cracking on with the modular route, I thought I'd try my luck with CTC. The deviation is based on eyesight. For those that haven't heard of it, the deviation is applied to the class one if you meet medical renewal standards, but not the initial issue standards. The deviation effectively restricts it to class 2, until such a time that you apply for a CPL. Assuming your medical fitness hasn't fallen outside of limits, on application for your CPL the deviation is lifted, thereby upgrading it to a full class 1.

The reason I think the deviation may be an issue is because CPL training can only be carried out on UK registered aircraft. If you want to undertake CPL training in an aircraft registrered outside the UK, you need written permission from that country's authority (or so say the CAA). Although I already have a PPL in the UK, if I were to train for CPL in NZ on the basis of my deviated class 1 medical I would need explicit permission from the NZ aviation authorities.

Has anyone tried CTC with a deviation and, if so, were they dismissive or receptive?

Any thoughts appreciated :)


10th Jul 2006, 20:57
This is a typical question where you actually want to call them. I'm sure they'll be able to answer much better than anyone here in the forum.
Good luck!

10th Jul 2006, 23:28
because CPL training can only be carried out on UK registered aircraft.
Where did you get that idea from?

The aircraft can be of any registry. The test aircraft must be approved for the purpose by the CAA or their designated representive ie an Examiner. This form is called an FCL176.

I believe CTC use NZ registered aircraft for their training. They are now on the approved schools for CPL (A) Modular for Bournemouth and NZ.
Approved FTOs (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/SRG_FCL_APPROVEDFTOS.PDF)

10th Jul 2006, 23:52
As it stands you don't do any CPL training in NZ on the Wings scheme, it's all done in the UK on G-Reg aircraft. NZ is PPL/Night/Hours building/Multi.

Don't know what the deal is on medicals though when over there, when i was going through they accepted our JAR Class 1 medical and issued a class 2 NZ medical on that basis. Ring them and ask


11th Jul 2006, 08:38
Thanks Olof. I've popped an e-mail over to them.

BigGrecian: The letter from the CAA I received with my medical certificate states that "CPL training must be completed in the UK; a certificate issued as a deviation is only valid on UK registered aircraft. If you wish to operate using JAA class 1 medical certificate privileges on aircraft registered outside the UK you would need to obtain special permission from the appropriate regulatory authority."

The wording in the last sentence in a little misleading. I've checked with them, and this only applies to training before the deviation is removed. Once the deviation is lifted, it will be a class 1 like any other.

And thanks WBV - it may not be an issue after all. :)


12th Jul 2006, 03:19
If you wish to operate using JAA class 1 medical certificate privileges on aircraft registered outside the UK you would need to obtain special permission from the appropriate regulatory authority.

Ok that's basically saying that you can't use your JAA Class 1 Medical to fly foreign aircraft unless approved by the registry authority.

In most cases when flying foreign registed aircraft you will require the medical appropiate to that country.
Some countries verify foreign medicals upon completing a foregin verificaiton process. (Often done in conjunction with a PPL verification to exercise your PPL based on the JAA PPL.)
Therefore, if you were to travel abraod to complete CPL training on your JAA Class 1 Medical, it might (Depending on whether you try to apply for acceptance) not be accepatable. However, you can apply for a medical in that country.

In the US for example a FAA Class 3 Medical will suffice for training and would only cost under $100 (estimate). You could complete your JAA CPL and test and then have your medical deviation removed.

PM if you are confused still.
Hope this helps, and of course good luck!

28th Jul 2006, 15:01
So, if I understood correctly:

if I don't meet inital class 1 requirements but I meet class 1 requirements for renewal, only in UK I can obtain a medical class 1 with deviation.
This certification will have validity as a class 2 until I apply for commercial licence course; then, it will be "converted" in a full class 1. Is it correct?

My questions are:
- medical class 1 with deviation has JAR or only CAA validity?
- what will happen if, after getting class 1 with deviation certificate and obtained my ATPL in UK, I'm engaged by a non-UK company (such as an Italian company)?The class 1 obtained in UK will be valid or I'll have to make another intial class 1 in the country in which the company is based, with the risk of being refused?
- someone knows which is the law article (I think in JAR'S) that rules class 1 with deviation?

Many thanks


28th Jul 2006, 16:29
Congratulations on getting your class 1 mate, albeit with a deviation. :D

Did you have LASIK in the end?

28th Jul 2006, 22:14
Once the CPL is issued the deviation is gone because on renewal you meet the renewal requirements therefore you have a regular class one.

Its not difficult. Ring the CAA at Gatwick and they will helpfully explain all about it.

This is where the CAA shine and make it possible for people, who do not meet the initial requirements but meet the renewal requirement, to fly.

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