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7th Jul 2006, 17:33

Can somebody tell me the difference between an
performance A examination and an performance C examination compared to an JAA performance examination?
Is an A or C examination a kind of an earlier version of the JAA performance examination?

7th Jul 2006, 19:21
Perf A and C (also B, D, E, and U) refer to the old CAA system of performance categories. The system then was that you had to do the exam relevant to the aircraft you were getting rated on, and if you subsequently wanted to do a type rating on an type in a category that you hadn't done the perf exam for - off back to school for you!

For info the categories were:
A - all multi-engine jets, multi turboprops over 12,500lbs, and some larger piston types - machines where an engine failure should never endanger the flight (theoretically, at least!)
B - Multi engine helicopters with engine out capabilities from liftoff
C - Light multi turboprops and pistons where engine out capability was not guaranteed until the aircraft was cleaned up after takeoff.
D - Singles and light multi pistons unable to climb on one engine!
E - a "simplified" category for light singles and piston twins to reduce certification costs - basically look up the performance and see what it can('t) do.
U - unclassified. Older machines with insufficient performance data to fit in any of the other categories.

In principle the JAA system has simplified things, but WRT commercial ops you run into problems with the manufacturer not having supplied the data needed to conform with the JAR rules - some feeble excuse about doing all the certification before JAR came in and so doing it all to the rules in force then:ugh:

8th Jul 2006, 00:25
Thanks alot!