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6th Jul 2006, 09:07
Just wanted to compliment the National Geographic TV series of aircraft accident investigations.
Not viewing for faint-hearted pax (or crew for that matter). However they portray investigated accidents with enough technical expertise to interest the professionals and enough human stories and emotion to interest everyone else. A difficult balancing act which usually succeeds in my view.
All the scripts and reconstructions are taken from official findings including (CVR/FDRs etc) and eyewitness accounts. Excellent viewing for those of us not willing or able to trawl through reams of official documents.
Got to fly now, but would be interested in f/b from others. Here's hoping that I don't star in one of these programmes.:=

6th Jul 2006, 09:38
I watch it all the time but the other half has banned me as she is terrified of flying and has not actually ever been on a plane yet.(Hoping to get her on one towards the end of the year on a short hop to Paris or Amsterdam). Very informative but you are right in what you say not for the faint hearted. But what does strike me is that I do feel for the families who are involved with the accidents. Must be unbearable to watch in detail what happened to a loved one.

6th Jul 2006, 13:18
The facts are (mostly) correctly reported, but variable and undue emphasis is given to some in order to dramatise the events.

The actors and the dialogue are appalling. Pilot behaviour and flight deck simulation is dreadful. And when it comes to showing the "controller" they always talk about the tower (which it rarely is) and show someone sitting in front of a bleeping oscilliscope-like display with a single bright spot on it - usually the only person in the room - laughable - dreadful - terrible.

Peel off the drama garbage and what remains is usually true, though.