View Full Version : WXR-2100 Multi-Scan Radar

6th Jul 2006, 02:37
Has anyone had any experience with the new Rockwell Collins WXR-2100 Multi-Scan Radar. If so, does it work well and what are the pitfalls and how do you get around them. Thanks

6th Jul 2006, 04:08
The timing of your post may not be conincidental, but today's frontpage of AviationNow has a lengthy write-up on the system http://www.aviationnow.com/avnow/news/channel_awst_story.jsp?id=news/aw070306p1.xml

6th Jul 2006, 15:30
I did read the article and that is the reason for the question...my experience was one time only so far. It was the typical dark and stormy night, the cells seemed to be reasonable as far as what we could see. However when we got to altitude it was easy to see that the cells depicted were far below...I did know about the ability of the radar to depict strong building cells that were below us and could prevent a future problem so avoidance was no problem. Later in the morning over the North Atlantic the radar picture showed a huge wx system with several strong cells directly in front of us...being visual it was obvious that there was nothing even remotely at our level...in fact at best it was 6000' below or lower. If I had the presentation at night it would have been a 60+ mile deviation. I tried the manual use and that worked as far as what I was used to seeing and conservative deviation use. I'm concerned that pilots will disregard the presentation which could lead to a bumpy ride at best and disaster at worse. I did read all our available material that we had and operated the system as recommended.